Top 10 Sites to Sell Your Website or Blog

Buying and selling websites has its own peculiar challenges. This is because a website is made-up of different components.
Websites generally have content, images, videos, graphics and logos. Transferring the site is not a simple matter. Difficulties include migration, coding, licensed material, copyright, hosting agreement and custom software.
Buysellwebsites was launched in 2001 and has thousands of transactions. The core business is to facilitate the buying and selling of websites on their market place.
The company is managed by a group of industrial experts and conceives creative marketing strategies to sell products.
The founder is a reputable business man resident in Dubai. His interests range from 
startup businesses, franchise retailing and a fragrance company.
Buysellwebsites feature established websites, startup websites and carry out appraisal. The statistical breakdown has startup websites 20%, established websites 67% and appraisal 13%.
The different parameters change, however the statistic is a fair indication of their business format. You can sell your website or get the site appraised.
Founded in 1997 by two California attorneys the website has grown in popularity. The founders discovered a need to provide a marketplace for webmasters to buy and sell websites.
The website has gradually established a good reputation for selling established websites. They provide tools to simplify the process.
WesiteBroker provides premium, basic and standard listing. The basic listing is added to list of available websites while the standard list attracts a nominal fee.
The premium listing is given more exposure and opportunities. Buyers are free to search the websites database with prince range, keyword and site category.
Buyers can contact seller directly or contact the website through its feedback link. The website services provide a market place to buy fully developed websites and domain names. Other services are website valuation, new listing, premium and regular listing.
Flippa is the number one marketplace to buy and sell online business. On flippa you get over 5000 websites and domain names listed daily.
In 2016 flippa sold over 30,000 websites through their marketplace. And handle over 5 million worth of business sold on their platform.
The site offers premium experience, backed up by simple and easy to navigate technology. Flippa is the entrepreneur’s marketplace to buy and sell websites.
Products sold on flippa are websites, domain names, Apps and Shopify.  They have editor’s choice, featured websites, and featured domains.
How to Buy and Sell Websites
domain name registratiion
Sedo are the undisputed king of domain sales and transfer. Every 2nd domain sold globally is attributed to Sedo.
They offer domain sale, buy domains, parking domains and transfer services.  They offer at all times over 18 million domains for sale.
They have sold over 700,000 domains, have 2 million customers, 130 employees. Sedo. are the largest domain marketplace for registered and used domains.
Sedo is perfect for top level domains, professional trading, domain parking and monetizing unused web addresses.
You can hire freelancers for your jobs or sell your products. As a member you can hire freelancers or find work.
You can post a project and receive competitive bids within minutes. The site has millions of freelancers that offer mobile app development, virtual assistant services and web design.
People looking to hire receive bids, up-to date 24/7 support and safe payment portal. You would ask what has this to do with selling websites.
On the site you have the website IT and Software category. In this sub-section you find people offering web design, website mock-up, and Wordpress templates. Other things include software development, app designs.
Ebay Website Auctions
Ebay is an eCommerce site that features a huge inventory of items. Members can find items in their category of choice and highlight in the marketplace.
The site attracts high ranking on search engines and millions of visitors. You can list your website for sale free and attract bids.
To ensure a successful bid include a comprehensive description of your website and use appropriate keywords.
The only downside to this arrangement is spam and fake bidders. The site charges a commission for the sale.
Some people sell their websites through forums. Popular forums to sell your websites are, digital point forum and webmaster talk forum. Others are geek village forum and top websites that have forums.
Craigslist is a powerful platform for buying, selling and freelance work. You list your blog for free and leverage on the huge traffic.
This website has a marketplace for established and starter sites.The listing involves website image, web address, link to third party sales page or sellers contact information.The sites primary niche is startup small business so you find lots of investors and entrepreneurs on the site.
Buy and Sell Your Website Here
Empire Flippers
Selling your website could be challenging however Empire Flipper makes the process easier. With the website you get in-front of their mailing list of 45,000 customers.
They started operation in 2013 and claim to have a sales success of 95%. Benefits include knowing your buyers, web transfer service and a broker for your deals.
They help in the transfer process and have migrated nearly a thousand websites. They charge $297 listing fee and $97 for repeat sellers.  They take 15% of every successful sale in their marketplace.
The listing free is only refunded if they reject your website. To get on their bandwagon your content-based adsense site should earn minimum monthly earnings of $500+.
While dropshipping or lead generation sites minimum of $1000 monthly. The monthly earnings are estimated based on 3-6-12 month’s average.