Top 10 Ways to Make Money on FaceBook

Facebook is a popular social network with165 millions active users. Most people use the platform to discus politics, entertainment and trending topics.
Apart from socializing, some people earn income from the site. Sign up is free and you can post content, videos and join groups.
To succeed you need a huge following and fan base. The number of followers you have determines the user engagement.
How to Make Money on Facebook
The most important rule is to focus on a niche. Offer a product or service that fulfills a need.
Share valuable information and promote the product. Avoid spamming your audience, add meaningful posts, avoid obnoxious posts and encourage interactions.
  • focus on a niche
  • Offer a product or service
  • share valuable information
  • promote products
  • avoid spamming
  • add meaningful posts
  • avoid obnoxious posts
  • encourage interactions
Sell Customize Fan Pages
Customize and sell fan pages to interested parties. Include graphic, short text, infographics and proper color selection. You can find customers by posting a gig on fiverr.
Facebook Marketing
Marketing professionals are able to earn income by selling opportunities. Marketing involves getting the product in front of lots of audience.
There are other aspects of social marketing such as advertisement management and product reviews.
How to Build a Social Network
Develop an App
A good business is developing a Facebook related app. The app should solve a problem and offer simple solutions.
The app industry is a billion dollar business so cash in on the industry. To build an app you need technical knowledge or hire an app developer.
Leverage on Sponsored Posts
Some users earn income through sponsored posts. They have huge number of followers interested in the product or service.
Open a Facebook Store
You can create a store and sell products. Use the Facebook shop app to import images and prices of products from your blog or website.
Sell Direct Advertisement
You can make lots of money selling direct advertisement on your page. The only way this works is to have huge number of fans. If you have only a few followers forget about this particular monetization strategy
Build a Niche Blog
Niche blogs attract traffic related to the subject matter. Build a blog focused on FaceBook related content. Monetize the bog through affiliate links, advert networks and product sales. Make sure you share the posts regularly on the social network.
Sell Products and Services
 Facebook has become a huge marketplace for people and companies. They feature products on the pages and sell.  Make sure you integrate a shopping cart or payment system on the products landing page.
Publish an eBook
EBooks cover different topics from academia, romance and business.  Choose a FaceBook topic and publish an ebook. You can publish on lulu, kindle direct publishers or Smash words.
Affiliate Marketing
Promote other people products through affiliate marketing. Write reviews of products you have used and tested.
Add your affiliate link to the text or image of the product. Once an interested person clicks on the link it will take them to the sales page.
Notable Shopping Applications
There are many apps you can use on Facebook. You have zazzle app, eBay Facebook app and easySocialshop app. Others are garage sale app and magic moment app.


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