Top 25 Business Ideas for Teens and Youths

Teenagers and youths generally have a hard time finding jobs. They could focus their energy into developing a small business venture.
Not every business requires huge startup funds and many a practicable from home. To succeed as a young entrepreneur you need the perfect business that complements your talent and interest.
There are lots of business opportunity in craft making, e-commerce and offline. Here are some business ideas perfect for teens and young adults.
teenager playing with flowers
1Wind Chimes Making
Wind chimes are fun, easy to build functional devices. They are highly popular in rural areas and residential homes.
The chimes come in a verity of shapes, designs, materials and sizes. Teenagers with a flare for craft making can start the business with low capital investment Read More...
2. Web Designing
Web designing requires technical knowledge of web software and applications. There is no age restriction to acquiring coding, graphic design or HTML experience.
3. Selling Used Books Online
Teenagers passionate about reading tend to accumulate lots of books. After a while the books gather dust on shelves and boxes. You can make money by selling the used books online or to bookstores. Read More…
4. Survey Taking
Survey taking involves giving your opinion on survey sites. The number of surveys you take would determine how much you make.
5. Tattoo Artist
I just read about a 12 year old tattoo sensation plying his trade in Panama City. The boy got interested in the art form when the family visited a popular tattooist. Read More…
6. Blogging
If you are 18 years you can start a blog on blogger. The platform provides free hosting and you can later monetize your content. Popular topics are fashion, news, entertainment, sports and small business. Read More…
7. Affiliate Marketing
You don’t need a website to join an affiliate network. As an affiliate your job is to drive traffic to your affiliate partner and get paid for each sale. Stating an affiliate program totally free however owning a blog or website makes the job easier. Read More…
8. Tour Guide
It is easy becoming a tour guide and earning huge amount of money. Requirements include knowledge of the tour destination and boundless energy. Read More…
9. Shoe Making
Shoe making is not as difficult as it seems. You can start a small shoe industry with basic hand tools and a sewing machine. To start the business you need to learn the trade and purchase equipment. Read More…
10. Aquarium Maintenance
Aquarium maintenance business is practicable full time or part time. The size of the enterprise and service determines the amount invested in the business.
11. Candle Making
Candle making is easy and straightforward. You need basic tools such as a mould, wax and wick. Popular candles are dinner candles, aromatic candles and colored candles. Read More…
12. Teen Car Rental
You must be 18+ and pass a driving test to secure a license. Teen cabs cater to teenagers by offering taxi service. You need a mode of transportation for the business.
13. Card Making
You can make beautiful cards and sell to supermarkets. Other customers are book stores, craft stores and mall. To produce the cards you need cardboard, computer, design software, scanner and printer.
14. Craft Making
There are a hundred and one craft ideas to produce. Make sure the craft work is unique, beautiful and enduring. You can sell your product both online and offline. Read More…
15. Video Rental Shop
You could open a small video rental shop in your locality. To save costs approach a supermarket or shop owner and lease a small space. Read More…
16. Sell Applications
Many teenagers create Smartphone apps and sell online. Many teens have found good fortune creating viral Apps.
17. Become a Virtual Assistant
To become a virtual assistant you need some equipment. You need a laptop, internet connection, phone, printer and scanner. A virtual assistant is a freelancer that offer office related services. Read More…
18. Start a Teen Magazine
Starting a teen magazine is easier than you think. All you need is a computer system laser jet printer, scanner and cool stories.
You could hire your friends to provide stories for your magazine. All you need are basic typesetting skill and computer knowledge. Use a free host provider to build a blog for your magazine. Read More…
 19. Cake Making
To start a cake making business you need equipment and raw materials. Source the flour, sugar, butter, eggs and flavor from the open market. The equipment is an oven, pans, baking trays and measuring scale. Read More…
20. Video Coverage Business
Video coverage requires a digital camera, editing tools and laptop. Offer your services to locals in your area during children’s parties, birthdays and anniversaries. Read More…
21. Start a Cleaning Service
Running a cleaning service requires lots of boundless energy and physical strength. The business is easy and requires basic tool. Start by offering your service to family and friends and gradually grow the business. Read More…
22. Teen Radio
Every school should have a radio station that transmits school activities. If your school already has a radio station you could volunteer and learn the intricacies. There are also online radio ownership opportunities.
23. Babysitting Service
Babysitting is ideal for teenage girls looking to earn a little income. However there are certain things you need to put in place before starting the business. Read More…
24. Open a Laundry Service
Offer laundry service to neighbors, family and friends. The business template is simple and easy to execute.  Read More…
25. Homemade biscuits and snacks
Baking involves flour, sugar, butter, spicing and colorants. You need an oven, good recipe, baking pan , tray and bowls. Sell the snacks/biscuits to small sop owners or to friends and family.


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