Turn your Photographs into Money with Foap

Discover an app that provides a simple money making opportunity. Foap created an app that allows users upload photographs for sale.
Take unique photography upload and sell to customers. They offer user generated content created by their community.
The user uploads photographs to the sites marketplace. The user does not necessary need expertise but passion for photographs.
Visitors to the site purchase the photograph and the website credits the account. Foap photographs are popular because they are crowd sourced and lower in price than regular stock images.
Types of Photographs
The best types of photographs are popular topics or simple everyday objects. Top brands, designers, small business owners are constantly on the look out for stock images.
Make sure the photographs have good description, tags and are keyword friendly. The photographs when sold become public. Therefore the uploader should take proper care of type of image content.
Rules of stock pictures dictates that a photographer must seek consent of people represented in their photograph. A technique used by photographers is to obscure the face in the photograph.
Once sold the rights of usage are conferred on the buyer. The good aspect of Foap.com is that the photograph could generate regular sales from repeat purchase.
How the App Works
The first step is to sign up with Foap and download the app. Use the app to upload photographs directly to the site. There is no limitation to the number of uploads sent to them.
How to Sign Up
There are three ways to get started with foap.com.  Sign up through google play, apple app store or directly on the site.
How to Make Money
The website pays a flat rate of $5 per photograph. This is only possible when someone buys the photograph.
A single photograph could generate repeat earnings. The number of uploads that get purchased is the amount earned. Earnings are transferred by the uploader from the account section to PayPal.
Participate in Challenges
To increase earnings members participate in challenges. The challenges are brought about by companies or top brands.


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