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Top 10 Part-Time Jobs for Senior Citizens

Many senior citizens are still very active into their seventies. Some love new challenges and are eager to experience different things. There are many reasons why seniors take on new challenges. They could work from home or take part-time jobs to supplement income.
There are many jobs best suited for seniors and some are high paying. The jobs cover professional fields, experience and technology.  If you are a senior citizen looking for part-time job then here are a few interesting ones.
1.Become a Virtual Assistant
A virtual assistant’s job is highly sedentary and requires long hours answering phones. They also organize paperwork, schedule meetings and attend to clients. The senior could decide to work part- time or full time.
The job requires good interpersonal and communicative skills. Anyone can work as an assistant from the comfort of their homes. However you need average computer knowledge, appropriate software and basic office equipment.
2. Pet Sitter
A pet sitter’s job is easy fun and exciting. The animal requires minimum attention and you get to rest your weary legs reading a newspaper. If you have many clients this could turnout a profitable side venture.
3. Customer Representative
A customer representative’s job is moderately challenging. Some companies pay reps based on performance on sales.
This is done based on a specified percentage per each client. You need to have good communication skill, boundless energy and perseverance. Customer service representatives deploy different tactics to achieve desired results.
4. Dog Walker
If you love dogs this job is perfect and moderately demanding. You need to be physically fit to handle those feisty canines. The gig pays only pocket money and is part-time.
5. Bookkeeper
A bookkeeper is a highly organized individual with a keen eye. They also excel on bookkeeping software and accounting software. They work part –time or full time depending on terms of employment.
6. Tutor
Qualified teachers have a host of jobs and business to consider. They can organize extra lessons, coaching classes or mark examination papers. Other jobs include online teaching or preparing online courses.
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7. Consultant
The number one job done by retirees is consultancy. They leverage on their professional experience and certificates. A consultant works part –time and charges clients appropriately. The sector depends on qualification, dedication and job experience.
8. Build a Blog
Blogging could be fun and eventually rewarding. Build a blog in line with your interests and personal experience. To build a blog you need a domain name, host provider and good theme. Make money by introducing advertisement, sell a product or use affiliate programs.
9. Become an Editor
Editing is time consuming and requires someone with good eyesight. The job is rewarding and editors earn good money. There are many places to get jobs especially freelance websites.
10. Become a Life Coach
You could become a life coach and impart knowledge and wisdom to others. The job is lucrative and requires good interpersonal skills. It requires zero startup and you could work for an organization or yourself.
11. Charity Work
There are lots of organizations that need charity workers. Some are sent abroad and given stipends for their effort. You giveback to society and earn some wages in the process.
12. Write eBooks
Ebooks are easy to make and require moderate investment in your time. write a book about your experiences, interests or culinary skills. There are thousands of topics from romance, business, self help and technical books.
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Top 10 Jobs for People Who Hate Working in an Office

Not everybody is cut out for a desk job or office work. Many crave a less regimented schedule and outdoors experience.
Luckily there are many jobs perfect for such individuals that require certain level of professionalism and skill. The jobs are interesting, diverse and different in execution. If you are fed up of nine to five grind then check out our top ten picks.
1. Customer Service Representative

A customer service rep could earn about $30,000 annually. The job entails lots of communication and service oriented jobs. The rep could operate from a home or commute depending on the job description. To become one you need a minimum of high school diploma and good interpersonal skill.
2. Telecommunication Line Maintenance
The telecommunication line installer works on high poles by connecting lines. The lines are used for land phones. The individual could learn the trade through apprentice programs or practical experience. This type of work is slowly getting extinct because of the popularity of mobile phones.
3. Become a Paramedic
The job of a paramedic is tough and demanding. You need a certified license as a nurse or medical practitioner. The job involves lots of out calls for accident victims, domestic accidents and health related issues. Paramedics earn about $35,000 annually and require a cool head during emergencies.
4. Wed Developer
The web developer is a freelancer that can work from any location. All that is required is a powerful computer, electricity and high speed internet connectivity. They earn about $60,000 annual and require appropriate web development knowledge.
5. Elevator Installer
The elevator installer is a highly skilled technician. The person could develop the skill through apprentice program or a technical school. They earn from $40,000 to $70, 000 annually. The technician requires a license and certification to operate
6. Become a Pilot
A pilot has the dream job of flying to exotic destinations daily. They live in highbrow hotels and enjoy the luxury lifestyle. There are many ways to achieve the dream and earn a commercial pilots license. A pilot earns about $90,000 annually and you need a federal airport authority certification.
7. Home Physician
The home physician is a certified doctor that performs lots of out calls. The patients are usually the aged or physically challenged individuals. You need a medical degree and license to practice as a doctor. The remunerations are high earning about $120,000 annually.
8. Air host
The air host works in close proximity to the designated pilot. They visit all the destinations and require only moderate training. You need good communication skill, good appearance and a first degree. There are many training institutes for air hosts.
9. Event Organizer
An event organizer plans parties to meet client’s expectations. The locations are diverse and interesting such as theme parks, beach fronts or event centers.
The event planner picks the décor, floral arrangements and caterers. There are lots of social events serviced by planners such as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays.
10. Solar Panel Installer
The solar panel installer’s primary constituency is roof tops. The job requires certain levels of technical skill. They learn through apprentice programs, technical schools and practical experience.

Top 10 Highest Paying Health Care Jobs

There are huge job opportunities in the health care sector. Practitioners earn hefty sums while delivery much needed service.
Top paying health care jobs attract over $150,000 in annual wages. And the need for practitioner grows steadily with increase in population and lower life expectancy.
The top jobs require qualified professionals and graduates from school of medicine. It takes about 6-9 years of study to earn the appropriate degrees. Careers related to health care are physician assistant, occupational therapist, registered nurse, physicians and surgeons.
Top 10 Highest Paying Health Care Jobs

1. Occupational Therapist
The salary of an occupational therapists starts at $70,000. The person is required to have a Bachelor’s or master’s degree. Their primary duty is treating disabled and physically challenged patients.
2. Physical Therapist
An average salary for a physician therapist is $80,000. The job description is to provide therapy for injured patients. The seasons are non invasive and conducted to easy the pain through special physical management. To get this job you need a university degree in physical therapy.
3. Radiation Therapist
There is not much difference in the wages of a radiation therapist and physical therapist. The therapists treat deadly diseases such as cancer of skin problems. They are required to have an associate degree and a practicing license.
4. Optometrists
There primary focus is the visually impaired in the society. They earn salaries upwards of $100,000 and require a doctoral degree to operate. Optometrists effectively manage serious eye conditions, diseases and infections.
5. Physicians and Surgeons
Physicians and surgeon wages equate to $100 per hour or $208,000 per year. To practice you need to obtain a professional degree or doctorate degree. There is also on the job training, residency and internship training.
The job outlook and growth rate is 14% and physicians in America held 700,000 jobs in 2014. Physicians and surgeons examine patients, diagnose ailments and treat injuries.
They also prescribe medicine, perform operations and consult patients. They obtain patients medical history and offer preventive health care advice. Surgeons and physicians are one of the highest paid occupations in the world.
6. Dentist
The dentist earns $76 per hour and $159,000 per year in 2016. To become a dentist you need a professional degree or doctoral degree.
The job outlook is 18% on average and 151,500 positions were help in 2014 in America. Dentists treat and diagnose teeth and gum related problems. They instruct and advice patients on best practices and oral care.
7. Pharmacist
The pharmacist is a health care professional or chemist that ensures safe medication. They understand the biochemical mechanism of drugs, actions and effect. To become a pharmacist you need a doctor of pharmacy degree, bachelor of pharmacy or master of pharmacy degree.
They work as community pharmacists, clinics and  hospital. A pharmacist generally undergoes training in pharmaceutical chemistry, microbiology and organic chemistry among others. A pharmacist in US earns about $90,000 0r $55 per hour.
8. Podiatrist
Physicians and surgeons are podiatrist doctors. Podiatrists treat and diagnose leg related problems.
To qualify as a podiatrist you need to specialize in surgery and attend medical school. They earn board certification through examinations, clinical experience and advanced training.
9. Physician Assistants
Physician assistants work closely with surgeons, physicians and health care workers. They also diagnose and treat patients.
Their duties include patient examination, treatment and prescription of medicine. Other functions are research, outreach participation, interpretation of diagnostic tests and review patient’s medical history.
They are team players and work in all areas of medicine. Common working environment for physician assistants are government, educational service, hospitals and office of physicians.
To become a physician assistant you a bachelor’s degree and experience in health care sector. Experience in nursing, paramedics is criterion to becoming a physician assistant. They need continuing education, recertification and pass a PANCE examination.
Qualities of a good physician assistant are emotional stability, compassion, detail oriented and good administrative skills. They earn from $60,000 to $130,000 depending on the industry. The physician assistant job market experience projected growth of 30% percent in 2017.
10. Nurse
The nurse generally assists a physician or surgeon. The median salary for nurses is $80,000. They provide medical care, prenatal care and provide health care services.
There are a number of nursing schools to train new practitioners. Nurses are needed in clinics, hospitals, health centers, outreach and government.

Top 10 Worst Jobs Ever!

To quantify as a bad job it should be dangerous, hazardous and unpleasant. Some jobs are very essential, noble and necessary. However they might lead to early death, infection or accidents. Jobs that require long hours, poor remunerations are top on the list.

Top 10 Worst Jobs Ever
1. Newspaper Reporter
Although the newspaper reporter performs a valuable service the working conditions are tedious. The expected growth of the industry is pegged at 1% percent. And practitioners earn a median salary of $36,000.
2. Logger
The logging profession has to face lots of environmental laws and provision. The hazards of the job include falling trees, wild animals and poor healthcare. The expected growth is less than 4% percent. Logger generally earn median salaries around $30,000
3. Police Officer
The all-time worst profession in the world is the police officer. They deal with lots of dangerous individuals and criminal elements.
They work in a highly charged, stressful environment. They patrol the streets at ungodly hours and earn low wages. The officers also have to deal with life threatening situations daily.
4. Military Personnel
The average wages of military personnel is $ 27,000. The job entails fighting insurgents and waging war in distant lands. They are the first response to terrorism, bomb threats and other deadly situations.
5. Sales Representative
The sales representative pounds the pavement looking for clients. They only earn when the perfect a sale or attract a client. They have no fixed income and are given pittance for transportation.
6. Insurance Agents
An insurance agent is paid low wages or based on performance. The earnings depend on the number of 'suckers' sorry clients they enlist on the scheme. 
The salary depends on the individual’s position in the company. Average earnings start from $30,000 to $50,000.
7. Retail Salespersons
How do you fancy working 10 hours a week including weekends in a store? You attend to customers and provide support and assistance. The median salary scale for salespersons is about $20,000.
8. Taxi Drivers
Taxi drivers earn fair wages depending on the number of customers they ferry. The industry has experienced a growth rate of 14 percent due to the influx of private cab services.
A smart application like the Ubercab app has opened the world to private car owners. The job is on our top 10 list because of the dangers of accident, extreme fatigue and long working hours. They also face the threat of violence and thieves.
9. Firefighters
In most African countries firefighter are poorly paid. The job is very dangerous and has contributed too many deaths of able bodied men/women. In US the expected job grow is estimated at 4% percent and salary is about $40,000
10. Garbage and Waste Disposal Personnel
The waste disposal business pays well and practitioners earn lots of money. However the work conditions are hazardous and personnel are exposed to infection, disease and toxic materials.
Top 10 Worst Jobs Ever
1. Garbage Collectors
2. Waste Disposal Personnel
3. Firefighters
4. Retail Salesperson
5. Taxi Drivers
6. Police Officers
7. Insurance Agents
8. Military Personnel
9. Loggers
10.Newspaper reporters

How to Ace Any Job Interview

The most important question to ask yourself before trying for a job is ‘Are you employable’. Do you have the right credential for the position you seek and do you have adequate academic qualifications? Answering these questions should be the first step towards paid employment.
It is possible to bluff your way through an interview and get employed. Taking the right job and doing the right interviews would provide an advantage over other job seekers.
You have a very good university degree but the reality is that many people have degrees even better than yours. Many have toiled and burnt the midnight oil, so getting a job is not textbook, ‘Finish College then get employed.’
Like most things in life snagging a good job requires dedicated planning and insight. Your academic credentials alone cannot get you that dream job. Consider a job interview where over 100 people are vying for 10 positions.
That is only 1/10 will have a chance at employment but the statistic drops even further if someone in the establishment has a preferred candidate such as a relative.
job interview
Factors That Affects Job Placement
Did you know that punctuality alone is a factor between employment and unemployment? The management might be discretely timing applicants as they arrive for interviews.
Consider such a scenario whereby you are adequately qualified and arrive after several candidates had finished their interview and gone. A company taking into account punctuality will disqualify you even before granting you an audience.
Do your home work on any company you wish to work for. It is not enough to acknowledge the blue chip rating of the company and imaging the fat salary you stand to make but knowing their back ground is important.
What are their corporate strategies, management structure, achievements desire and want? Who are their competitors and what are you bringing to the table when employed. These are very serious considerations before going for an interview.
Be very adaptable because no matter the amount of preparation there is no cut and set rule. Anything can happen in a conference room. You might find yourself confronting an angry interviewer out of no fault of yours. The person could have domestic problems or other personal issue.
All you can do is make the most of the hand dealt, be patient cautious and maybe reach some synergy with the person.
Leadership Consideration
What will you do if an interviewer already sees you as a potential treat to his job. Try to be honest and approachable could reduce the hostility.
You can't beat yourself up because of an unreasonable Peron. Do your best and leave the rest. You might be surprised that the same person would be the one that recommends you for that job.
How to Pass Any Job Interview
Your personality is one of the most important reasons may people fail to get their dream jobs. What ever situation you find yourself you must put up you best behavior during interviews. 
During the interview they might try to rattle you with unexpected questions. They would study your reaction, body language, the way you respond.  And immediately form opinions on what they think you are all about.
Mind you they may be totally wrong, but consider this it took several years to decide on a particular person as a best friend. What influenced your decision was compatibility. The same applies for business organizations they what compatibility.
You should fit in with their business image to sail through one stage of an interview. Look at the dress culture what are their staff wearing and on that day dress appropriately and put up a pleasant forbearance.
Dress Code
As explained your dress code is important for first impressions. Don’t go over the top but dress appropriately. If you attend an interview with sappy cloths or nice cloths not compatible with their image they may not see you in the role they want.
Neutral colors work best with a splash of color, skirt suits, white shirts on nice skirts. Try wearing business suits for men, clean well cut shirts with neat pants. A good mid range wrist watch would do nicely. Imagine wearing an expensive watch and the interviewer cannot afford such luxury that alone could impact negatively.
Your resume should be carefully edited before tendering it for appraisal. It should be formal, insightful, work experience and qualifications. The more experience you look the better your chances.
If you have changed jobs too frequently this might become a focal point in you interview. They would be interested in why the frequent changes, and if you are there for the long haul. They would not what to hire you and in two years start looking for another replacement or job search.

Things to Considerations When Searching for a Job
  • Appearance
  • Mannerism
  • Diction
  • Academic qualifications
  • Experience
  • Awards
  • Company profile
  • Retirement plan
  • Promotional prospects
Bottom of Form
Understand the Company
The company has an identity that dictates’ its cooperate social responsibility.  Is it a family owned or a family oriented establishment. Does it favor young driven achievers, forceful marketers, team players?
Do they require Individual brilliance or total commitment to their product or services? Whatever identity characterizes the company first decipher what makes then tick.
Knowing this gives you an added edge over you fellow candidates. Position yourself to fit into their ideals and you already have a foot in the door to become one of the family.
Identify with the Interviewer
Finding a common ground during the interview process and connect with the individual would be beneficial. Discreetly study the person’s mannerism and try to decipher what he or she likes. Does she have family portraits all over the office?
Understanding the character behind the face and making a connection is a very big step to getting that job.  Develop a keen sense by reading people and studying their mannerisms. Study the clothes, way they walk, talk and interact with the world around them. Intelligence Agents and writers have developed this skill and have a kin sense of observation.
Be Interactive
That is the main purpose of an interview they have seen your credentials but they want to see the face behind the numbers. Be bold and don’t only answer question ask your own within reason. Talk in a factual way and don’t just reel out answers.
Show some excitement and a lot of enthusiasm. Answer truthful and as best as you can. Let them make up their minds that you have something new to bring to the table. Job interviews are not about putting people through uncomfortable positions but by finding the right candidate that they needed for that particular position.
When going for interviews don’t view it as a stressful process but as a platform to announce your presence to the organization. Examinations are merely to test your knowledge of the subject matter.
Examinations are not meant to fail the student but to find out what he or she knows. Once you understand this universal truth you would be eager and excited at take any test. While others are apprehensive or frightened you feel excited, especially when you are adequately prepared.
Wages and Salary
Some time the interviewer wants to know what type of salary scale you want. This is a trick question because if you call something below what they are willing to pay then they may feel you are not what they need. But if you call something higher they may feel you are greedy, Issue of salary should be left until you get employed.
Believe me they already have a salary structure and know what they pay. So if confronted with this question tactfully dodge the bullet. Sidestep the query because there is no satisfactory answer.
Be Employable
Are you employable? This depends on what you can bring to the table. Your credentials, knowledge of the job, skill and training are good parameters. Company’s select new employees based generally on their skill and attributes.
What added benefit would you bring to the company. Knowledge of the market place in which you are going to operate is your greatest advantage over your fellow candidates.
Even if you do not possess adequate knowledge you can brush up on it before going for the interview. Understand other external issues like micro economic demand, job placement levels, employer’s recruitment and other factors should be considered.
Pitfalls and Traps
The interviewer may try to find out negative things by asking clever questions. Don’t fall for it. The reason they do this is to see the man behind the mask. It is not malicious but to test if you are lacking confidence.
No matter what he asks he does not know you and is only trying to form a picture of what makes you tick. Talk in terms of can and not can’t, resist any impulse to deviate from the subject matter.
Embrace Technology
I wonder how you intent getting the job when basic skill like using a computer becomes an issue. Embrace new technology so as to enhance your employability.  Without adequate knowledge of new technology you can kiss that job interview goodbye.
Companies are competitive and they have no choice but to leverage on technology to remain relevant.  As an employee, knowledge of changing technological trends is mandatory.  Companies are not stagnant they change with time, be flexible adaptable and employable.
If you do not get hired after all of the above don’t be discouraged use every experience to improve on you employability by improving on your technique.
Job skill versus Qualification
So you have the qualification but what skills do you possess. Do you have lifetime skills, opportunity awareness, are you a natural leader, team player or transition skills.
 Can you work for several years in the same position with the view of promotion? We read somewhere the life history of a top general manager of one of the largest blue chip companies and were surprised to find that the man started his carrier as a clerk.
 He rose through the ranks to become the managing director. He is now retired but had stayed in the same job for 40 years. The man had acquired all the skill and insider knowledge of the working of that company more than anyone.
What are your Career Goals
Knowing your career goals is important because it is one of the frequently asked questions in job interviews. Knowing the persons ambition or lack is a pointer to what the person is capable of achieving.
In the job market women have found this question frustrating because most women need to start a family before menopause so some organizations have to take this into consideration
In the past woman struggled with gaining full employment but employers today are willing and eager to hire women.
Truth or Lies
Stressing your good attributes is expected at interviews however refrain from embellishments or overemphasis a qualification.  Always try to be truthful as best you can. Prepare you CV along these lines and you may include commendations, awards you received by previous employers.
No matter your experience there is room for improvement and training. Most companies invest heavily on training their staff what you need to achieve is first get that job

How to Become a Flee Market Vendor

Someone that sells products or services at flee market is a vendor. Setting up your store is easy and straightforward however you need seed money and transportation. The business is practicable full time or part time.  You could run the enterprise alongside a tertiary store, online store or while on full time employment.
Things to Sell
Finding the right things to sell will guarantee success. Study the competition and find out their best selling items.
Carry out a research by visiting different flee markets in your locality. Another way is to find good deals on items. You could start by clearing your house of unwanted inventory.
Startup Fees
The amount you need to start the enterprise is small. Most vendors spend less than $1300 to launch the business.
Organizers charge a nominal fee at a daily or monthly rate. Recurrent costs include space rent, transportation costs and inventory. You can start the business through personal savings or small loans from friends and family.
New entrants into the business should rent daily and avoid monthly costs. This is an effective way to study the location, customer respond and interests. You don’t have to tie down cash to find out popular products.
flee market
Type of Space
The Type of space depends on the infrastructure and location. The space could be in a large hall with an open plan or demarcated into small stalls. Others are organized in an open field, street corner or permanent location. They could offer booths, covered areas or tables.
  • large hall
  • open plan
  • small stalls
  • open field
  • street corner
  • permanent location
  • booths
There are not many restrictions for vendors. However organizers need government and state permission to run a flee market. Vendors need sales tax identification number and value added tax for some items.
Other restrictions include food handler’s health certification and some prohibit items. Common items not allowed are animal fur, ivory products, or endangered animals. Business registration is not mandatory and you find many private individuals selling their wares.
How to Find a Flee Market
Finding the right market could differentiate between success and failure. The market should fit your inventory, attract lots of customers and is cost effective.
Find one in close proximity to your residence to reduce transportation costs. Use online directories such as Clark’s Flea Market Directory to find markets. Others are and U.S Flee market directory.
Another way is to visit your local government and find out if they have a list of flee markets. There are also impromptu locations were vendors sell from the back of their vehicles.
Where Flee Markets are organized
Flee markets are organized in parks, street corners and open fields. Other locations are within large halls, parking lots, supermarkets and convenient stores. You also find them in social gatherings, pedestrian walk ways and church premises.
How to Sell
Flee markets are highly competitive with vendors selling different items. To get ahead of the game, stock quality items and provide good customer service.
Make sure the items are priced appropriately and accept multiple forms of payment. You could accept cash, and use a POS machine. Provide simple packaging such as paper or nylon bags and issue receipts.

Top 34 Legitimate Sites That Offer Online Tutoring Jobs

It is highly practicable and profitable to make money as an online tutor. The teacher earns regular income tutoring students from home.
There are many opportunities for teachers regardless of qualification. The skill or experience determines the level and group of students taught. 
Higher qualifications like Bachelors or master’s degree holders could tutor university undergraduates. Full time teachers can supplement their income by working part time online. The good part is time flexibility, freedom of choice and regular gigs.
Who to Teach
They teach college students, university students and high school students. Others are adults, unemployed youths and private individuals.
  • college students
  • university students
  • high school students
  • adults
  • unemployed youths
  • private individuals
Why Online Teaching
Online teaching offers flexible schedule, proper time management and fulfillment. It is practicable globally and easy to do.
Anyone with specialized knowledge and internet connectivity can become a tutor. The teacher could work with multiple agencies and develop a curriculum.
How does Online Tutoring Work?
Online tutors use a host of different teaching aids. They use infographics, charts, lectures and homework.
Other tools include direct engagement with pupil through Skype and telephone. Other means include webcam, tutorials and videos.
The tutor could teach an individual student or group. The teacher sign up with a tutoring company and jobs are assigned according to their area of specialization.
Teaching Requirements
Having prior teaching experience is an advantage in online tutoring. A good academic qualification aids the site determine the teachers specialty and proficiency.
Tutors with bachelor’s degrees, masters and professional knowledge are the best prospects. However under grads and college students have also found tutoring jobs.
How to Find Online Tutoring Jobs
There are many legitimate tutoring agencies online. The teacher needs to sign up and register on the site.
Freelancers are free to choose the work schedule based on their availability. Students are assigned on individual level or group.
The assignment is based on the teacher’s expertise and specialty. The sites job is to match students to available pool of tutors.
Some sites prefer to leave the choice to the student by listing the tutors credential and profile on their marketplace. Biding for jobs is not an uncommon practice in online tutoring.
How much do Online Tutors Earn
Tutors earn according to the frequency of jobs and level of expertise. The higher the grade level the more money charged for tutelage.
Teaching highly demand subject attract better prices and bids. Some platforms pay $10 to $25 per hour while others allow tutors set their own rate
Top 34 Legitimate Sites That Offer Online Tutoring Jobs
There are many websites that offer tutors job boards. Here are 34 websites that offer teachers tutoring jobs.