50 Places to Find Translation Jobs

Finding work as a translator is relatively easy if you know how.  Despite, misconceptions there are many places to find translation jobs.
There are lots of opportunities for established and new translators. In your search for translation jobs you have three options.
Search through job boards or translation platforms. Other locations are social media networks and communities. 
Some offer free cloud solutions, free profiles, translation interface and bidding opportunities. Other registers random jobs, membership plans and profile listing.
Before registering your service make sure you get acquainted with their rules.
Facebook Translation Groups
There are many groups dedicated to translation jobs and membership. Here are a few groups on Facebook that have thousands of active members.
1. Translation Jobs/Professional Training -2,500+ members
2. Translation Jobs/Interpreters
3. Jobs for All Translators of the world-9,000+ members
4. Translation Jobs and Translators -4,000+ members
5. Translation jobs
Linkedin Groups
You find many companies and professionals in the translation business. The groups have huge membership from 1,000 to 60,000 members.
6. News Translation Jobs-1,700+ members
7. Language Translation Interpretation Jobs-2,100+ members
8. Translation Jobs 2,800+ members
9. Translators Interpretation Network-3,800+ members
10. Translators Jobs Services Global-10,900+ members
11. Smap Interpretation Translation Localization-4,700+ members
12. Language Jobs-60,000+ members
Translation Platforms
14. Lingosaur
15. Gengo
16. 1-800-translate
17. worldLingo
18. SDL
19. TranslationDirectory
20. Proz
21. TRADUguide
22. Pacific Interpreters
23. WordExpress
24. networkOmni
25. GlobaLink Translation Limited
26. Linguistic Systems Inc
27. Indeed
28. LanguageLine Solutions
29. Langusge Unlimited LLC
30. Aberdeen Language Services Limited
31. Acclaro
32. American High Tech Transcription and Reporting
33. Translation Town
34. Lionbridge
35. Tethras
36. TextMaster
37. LingJob
38. Translator Town
39. My Translation
40. OneHourTranslation
41. Rev
42. Unbabel
43. Translate
44. Translator Cafe2PolygLOT
45. Translators Base
46. The Open Mic
47. Upwork
48. Freelancer
49. People per hour- 180,000 Freelancer, 70,000 customers
50. twitter


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