7 Easy Steps to publishing an eBook

It is easy to write and publish an eBook if you know exactly what you are doing. EBooks account for several million dollar book sales worldwide accounting for 40% of the entire publications.
One of the leading publishers that you can find online is Amazon.com; the eBooks are published under Amazon kindle direct publishing. So the publications are formatted to work seamlessly with kindle device and can be found in many Amazon stores.
EBooks authors on this website earn monthly income regardless of the amount earned, after a few months on the site. And earning depends on the popularity of the book, promotions and skill of the author..
If you have no idea about writing eBooks you can commission a book via professional and armature writer who you pay upfront. A popular website you can use to get eBook content for a small fee is iwriter.com.
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7 Easy steps to publish your own eBook
If you are ready to put in the work then follow these easy steps

1                    Choose a good Topic

2                    Do your research

3                    Write the book is an introduction and chapters

4                    Pages should be more than 25 pages(can be more or less)

5                    Sign up with Amazon kindle publishers

6                    Upload book and cover

7                    Set price and you are done.

Some of the online stores Amazon highlights your books include Amazon Spain, Amazon India, Amazon UK, Amazon.com and Amazon Canada to mention a few.  Are you looking for a legitimate website or job online then look no further publish and earn income with your eBooks.
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