Book Promotional Websites for Self Publisher

 Promoting your books should be your number one priority if you what to increase sale, and get a following, book promotional websites are numerous but there are a few outstanding ones that offer free promotional packages that help the author or publisher shore up sales and recognition. To take advantage of most of their services you are sometimes required to sign up on their platform in other to get the best benefits.
Listed bellow is some of the book promotional websites that can help you position your hard work into success and financial payouts.


The website YourDailyEbooks is a good place to start your book promotional tour; the company is one of the players in free eBook promotions. Founded by Blake Dreden the website offers the subscriber or author daily deals, free downloads with links to the current promotional books.
The website in case of free giveaways only feature books that are currently listed as free especially electronic books that are listed on kindle format. Self publishers can use their short content kindle format using the kindle fire to increase the number of downloads.

The frugal eReader

The website was founded by Mrs. Elizabeth Brown a mother and publisher; she is a marketing expert and retailer for a home furniture company in California. Haven self published some books she decided to combine her passion for writing with marketing, as they say the rest is history. Although the website is relatively new haven started in 2010 it boasts 1000 regular views a day and 18,000 followers on facebook.
To make optimum use of the website you can subscribe for her frugal eReader which guarantees you 3 reviews, a permanent showing on the frugal website, access to her over 28,000 monthly visitors and getting your book listed as the Frugal find of the day. Other benefits are quick links, direct email to Elizabeth and quicker download. The service is not free and attracts a sum of $50; you can also submit a frugal freebie, find top features and more.

The Book Place

The book place is a New Orleans company that deals with published paperback, they are well established and deal on several discount giveaways for both members, buyers and authors, the discounts range between 15% for new books and a whooping 50% discount on used paperbacks.
They have a minimum on the cover price for books offered on their website that should not be bellow $1.95 dollars. Many books bellow the benchmark that is not paperbacks must go through a review period of 2 weeks before confirmation or rejection.
Registering on the website offers you the choice of new books, your basket, a user’s account, search new publications and discounts.

Super EBooks

The website super ebooks is a free ebook promotional website that allows sponsors, publishers and authors to list their free ebook promotion on the website. The free ebook you can list should be free and be time limited, subscribers can add ebooks, use the websites free ebook calendar, see featured ebooks which cover a very wide range of topics like fiction, crime fiction, horror, romance, fiction fantasy, fiction horror and a wide selection of genre.
To upload your free ebook during the limited free offer you register then go to create book then access super ebook calendar administration panel, use a unique login username, Title of your book, pin your book, click start date could add a book popup, see how you free promotion looks, the start and end dates then add book to finish the process.
There are many more book promotional websites that you can explore during your campaign most of which we shall highlight. Use the search word 'book promotion' and the blogs name to see more top book promotional websites.

7 Easy steps to publish your own eBook

If you are ready to put in the work then follow these easy steps

1                    Choose a good Topic

2                    Do your research

3                    Write the book is an introduction and chapters

4                    Pages should be more than 25 pages(can be more or less)

5                    Sign up with Amazon kindle publishers

6                    Upload book and cover

7                    Set price and you are done.

Some of the online stores Amazon highlights your books include Amazon Spain, Amazon India, Amazon UK, and Amazon Canada to mention a few.  Are you looking for a legitimate website or job online then look no further publish and earn income with your eBooks.

Kindle Books

Start promoting your book to get new views and get reviews, even if the book is a non fiction or a collection of poems reviews can help your book get more visibility, the more your book is noticed and there is a buzz around it the better your chances of more people finding your publication. There are many promotion websites to choose from some of which are

Sweeties’ picks

Sweeties picks offer on their website apps such as the Disney mobile app, best books around have badges, book evens and book news that showcase current top rated books. They have several categories like the adult category which has bargain books, the art and painting section, fiction and fantasy section and free kindle books, the featured free listing covers both children and adult free kindle books.
The children’s section has the baby books, chapter books, elementary books , educational books and school books, authors can list their kindle free promotion for free, they can also sign up for free newsletters. They also have the free kindle book of the day.

All the services that pertain to promoting your books are.

1                    free kindle book listing
2                    free newsletter
3                    free kindle book of the day
4                    down load free kindle fire
5                    adult and children’s category and many more

The digital ink spot

The digital ink spot has blog reviews; interviews show cases indie books and indie authors to the general public. The website has about 20 years experience under their belt in book promotion and are dedicated in helping authors reach the next and greater levels of recognition. There main focus is interviews and reviews that can be helpful in pushing a serious writer’s work; they also have the Vlog job hunting magazine that highlights a book that has been posted in the past to give the author additional boost and recognition.
To use their services you need to subscribe through email and wait for a reply, they also do free promotion of books especially those by self publishers.
Your task in self promotion is looking for the best platform that can help your book attain greater heights using promotion website is a tested way to start your promotions.
You have published your book either in eBook format or regular book, it is either fiction or non fiction and you are wondering how to shore up sales in a very saturated and competitive market. One of the major ways to go in getting new readership is marketing your book. Even the top publishing houses know that without proper marketing even if the book is extraordinary there would be little sales and success. Self publishers need to market there books. There are many websites where you can promote your free books as a means of getting new readers of your work, under listed are some good ones.

Penny Pinchn mom

The website is owned by Vera Bradley and it is a site that has people who are looking for discounts, bargains and good deals, the website is very multifaceted in its approach dealing with many subgroups such as books, automobile, housing and furniture, gardening, shopping, business enterprise and many more.
They offer coupons, deals, cost saving giveaways, buy one get one free promotions; the website has reputable establishments like Wal-Mart and loads of discounts. Book authors can give out freebies of there books, get tips on budgeting, submit or read articles and get coupons. The website also has food and fitness section, home life style and local.

The eReader café

The eReader café is dedicated to book lovers and authors, the site unlike penny pinch mom concentrates more ob books, they have the free kindle books daily segment, showcase bargain books that are under $5 and really love kindle books. If you have free book promotion this is a nice place to offer you book to the general public.
The website accommodates readers and authors, the showcase and promotes your book, have book of the day and deal of the day, they are professional in their approach and offer good reviews.
Pixel scroll
Pixel scroll is anther interesting book promotion website, they have many products that are highlighted on their website such as bargain books, free books, the have apps, showcase music and movies making it a fun place to hangout. The website has the pixel scroll daily deals. The pixel scroll pick of the day, offer free kindle books and will feature you free book promotion and other non book products, they also have the free kindle fire app.

 Momma says read

The website has a very funny name but besides that is a serious site that is dedicated to the success of authors, the website has the author service, the free giveaway blitz, offer free books to the general public and has several sections including fantasy, you can list your book for free promotion.
Promoting your book is a skill you can build on by trying different strategies like placed advertisements or interviews, whatever the method the bottom line is reaching as many people as you can


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