Deluxe: Checks and Services for Small Business Owners

Small business owners need to separate personal account from business account. They need personalized checks or bank issued checks. Other important consideration is check security and logo.
Deluxe offers lots of personalized checks for individuals and businesses. The company’s design selection includes deluxe and check in the mail. Other options are carousel checks, CheckAvantage and category average.
The Category average has 552 designs; carousel checks 1250 designs, check in mail 300 designs and CheckAdvantage 2500 designs. Although the essential design themes are limited they offer a wide array of options.
Customization Options
They offer customization options and about 80 design selections. You get a number of different check designs in categories and themes.  Check themes include outdoors, pop culture, cooking, seasonal themes, anniversaries and Christmas checks. Other popular themes are limited to floral, sports, nature and animation.

  • Outdoors
  • Pop culture
  • Cooking
  • Seasonal themes
  • Anniversaries
  • Christmas
  • Floral
  • Sports
  • Nature
  • Animation
Personalization involves fronts, monograms and photographs. Checks are made to fit individual customer needs. They offer front customization, checks and monograms.
You can even have a photograph of your business or person on the front of the check. Businesses prefer adding logo monograms, and initials. The checks are printed to fit any theme or context.
  • Fronts
  • Monograms
  • Photographs
  • logo monograms
  • initials
  • theme
  • context
Check Styles and Extras
Deluxe offer business checks, single wallet checks and virtual checks. Others are top stub for each check to keep track of finances. Duplicate copy is used to track written checks and virtual checks for online transactions.
The business checks have high security features and you can choose manual checks, desk, laser and purchase in bulk. You get a check register to keep track of ledger and side-tear checks.
  • business checks
  • single wallet checks
  • virtual checks
  • top stub
  • duplicate copy
  • manual checks
  • desk, laser
  • bulk purchase option
  • side-tear checks
The checks come with a host of security measures to keep your account safe.  The checks have safety paper, chemical protection and back security screen. To prevent alteration, it features a distinctive design and micro print and ink.
  • safety paper
  • chemical protection
  • back security screen
  • distinctive design
  • micro print and ink


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