How to Create a Landing Page for Blogger

Creating a landing or Welcome page on your blogger blog is relatively easy. The process involves adding a special script to the html and adding a custom redirect.
Why Create a Landing Page
Landing pages are used for various reasons. They could act as a sales page to highlight your products or affiliate products. Top websites use this technique to sell products, software and services. However the main purpose is to create a Welcome Page for visitors.
Types of Landing Page
 A landing page could be created to showcase website profile, make an announcement or content warning. Content warning involves sites that feature nudity, vulgar language, carnage or pornographic material. Other uses for such pages include creating a sales page, website profile, blog information or a welcome page.
Content of Landing Page
Landing pages could have graphics, images, site profile and content. Some use video, info-graphics and any other blog content format. 
How to Sell Digital Products
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How to Create a Simple Landing Page
Before adding any script to your website make-sure you need a landing page. The page should be attractive, with a good welcome message and graphics. The trick works with blogger default template and page widget.
The first step to creating a landing page is to create a New Page. To create your landing page you need to go through a three stage process. The first is to add a script to your HTML page then add a gadget then add a custom redirect.
How to add a script to Pages HTML
1. Sign into your blogger account and go to Dashboard
2. Click dash board>pages>Black Page
3. In your pages click HTML at top left corner beside compose
4. Copy and past this code in the HTML space. The code create a full width page regardless of your template


5. After pasting the code switch back to compose.
6. Add you content, graphics and images for your landing page.
7. Page title About Us
8. Press Publish at top right hand corner
Now view the published page and get the URL link by highlighting and copying it at the top of your browser page. Eg  http/
From the above link you only need the last end /p/about-us.html for further usage. The last end depends on the page title.
How to Add a Gadget to Layout
Now Add a Page Widget in blogger layout

The best position is top of the page. To accomplish this follow the instructions.
1.Go to layout tab-Add a gadget>select pages widget.
2. Now in blogger configure page list click on add external link.

3. Now under page title write website name
4. Under web address URL add
How to add Link on Custom Redirect Section
Configuring this will add a custom redirect to redirect the blog to your landing page.
1. On dash board Go to Settings>Search Preferences
2. Under errors and redirects click Custom Redirects>Edit
3. In the FROM Field insert a /
4. In the TO Field add the landing page URL you copied earlier /p/about-us-html as explained earlier.

5. Click on the check box next to permanent
6. Then Click Save text link
7. Finally Save changes button.
You are done. A welcome landing page is not ideal for many blogs so make sure you really need one before implementing the changes.


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