How to Earn Extra Cash on ExtraDime Forum

ExtraDime is a paid forum that collaborates with members to earn extra cash. They provide financial deals and source shopping deals.
Individuals interested in earning from forum posts, sign up and start earning credits. Users get paid for original treads and active participation in the forum. They have a maximum earning potential per month and subject to site moderators approval.
ExtraDime Features
Extra Dime features include forums, coupons and price search. Others are referrals, registration and user activity appreciation program.
Popular forums are No-coupon general sales and visa shopping discounts. Other forums are No-Coupon cheap prices for products and online shopping coupons and discount codes.
extra dime

  • Forums
  • Coupons
  • price search
  • referrals
  • registration
  • user activity appreciation program
Main Topics
The forum cover main topics such as work from home, 0% credit offers and other deals. More topics include shopping deals, bank offer and card bonuses.
  • work from home
  • 0% credit offers
  • Deals
  • shopping deals
  • bank offer
  • card bonuses.
User Activity Program
User activity programs include redeem credit, adsense sharing and refer a friend. Others include coupons, price comparison, and google coupon search.
Earn extra dimes by getting free adsense banner space, and find freelance work.
  • redeem credit
  • adsense sharing
  • refer a friend
  • coupons
  • price comparison
  • google coupon search
  • free adsense banner space
  • find freelance work.
How to Earn from ExtraDime
There are many ways contributors could earn credit. An extra dime member earns credit for creating new threads. The thread should be original and user participation in other forums is appreciated. 
Earnings and Credit System
Earning start from 0 to 10 credits for original treads on a forum. The treads should be informative while insightful replies on a topic earn 0 to 2 cents per coast.
The conversion rate of extra dime credits is 100 credits equal to $1USdollar. Once you attain 500 credits which is equivalent to $5 you can cash out.
Credit System
A contributor can earn credits based on activities, posting, creating an account or starting an original thread. They offer six credit earning systems unique to the website.
They have the registration credit and referral credit. Others are the referral bonus credit, new thread credit and point credit.
How Credits are Earned
Posting Credit is earned for all valid posts on eligible forums. This does not apply to replying your own thread or a new thread.
This type of credit attracts 2 credit amounts. 50 credit amounts are allocated to registration, 50 credit amount for referrals and 50 credits for referee bonus.
The forum moderators evaluate post quality, eligibility, self advertisement or personal attacks. The suitability of the post will determine continuity or discontinuity of the program. They will also decide to pay or subtract credits.
The email you use during registration should be attached to PayPal. Payment is done only through PayPal and maximum earning per person is $599.
The maximum earning per person in a month is pegged at $49. Any member that tries to open multiple accounts will be immediately banned.
Once you have 500 credits you send your request for payment through their contact us form. The moderators evaluate the threads and post payment appropriately.


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