How to Prepare a Business Plan for a Solar Farm

Solar farms generate clean renewable energy through the use of solar panels and other components. The business venture is fast becoming a major contributor to electricity and a huge money earner.
Entrepreneurs interested in clean energy need to first develop a business plan. The document provides a blue print of startup requirements and future goals.
Other provisions in the plan are funding sources, company profile, vision/mission statement and product. The plan is beneficial when sourcing startup funds from financial institutions.
Why Write a Solar Business Plan
The question is why write a solar business plan. The answer is simple it provides various useful statistics such as timelines, exit strategies and milestones.  
Without a comprehensive business plan your company would contend with major difficulties. A good plan highlights key responsibilities, accessing external and internal resources including market analyses.
It establishes financial requirements, growth potential and market demography. More statistics would analyze competitors, industry opportunities, profit and loss. It provides a detailed road map, marketing plan and legitimacy of the enterprise.
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Write an Overview
An overview serves to establish the core function of the company. It should consist of a mission statement, goals, vision statement and projections.
It should support the viability of the enterprise and location. Other parameters are staff strength, geographical location and purpose for writing the plan.
Define the Organizational Structure
It is important defining the organizational structure. Who are the key players in your company and what their qualifications are.
Add a biography of management team and Chief executive Officer.  State the number of staff, outsourced labor and support labor. You can breakdown the entire organizational structure from management team to number of casual labor.
Develop a Financial Plan
Solar energy farms require huge capital investment. The farm utilizes highly specialized technology to achieve an aim. Describe in full the type of technology your company uses and funding sources.
Include structural costs, fixed assets and funding. There are different funding sources to consider such as government grants, bank loans, angel investors and selling company stocks.
Conduct a Market Analysis
To effectively compete you need to conduct a market analysis. The market analysis studies competitors, finds customer demography.
Focus on alternative energy companies that play in your industry. Analyze the services, prices and market share. There are many alternative energy supplies such as natural gas, hydroelectric, coal and wind turbine companies.
Highlight the Solar Farm’s Potential
Write an overview of services and products your company offers. Highlight the service and amount of energy generated at full capacity. Write a comparison between tradition energy generating companies and your clean technology.
Conduct an environmental assessment of the benefit of clean energy. Establish the scalability, price and reliability of your technology. Include full details of future goals and expansion.
Write an Executive Summary
Write an executive summary and provide an overview of each section. Make sure the summary capture the core of the business. Focus on specific audiences such as investors, bankers and customers.
Business Plans are not static
A plan is not static but a guide to setting up and running a business. Most plans are re-visited and fine-tuned as the business grows. You can review the plan yearly to study the short comings or add new parameters.


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