How to Sell Digital Products on Your Blog

Webmasters need to monetize their content to earn income and keep the site running. There are many methods open to them such as selling advertisement space or products. A highly profitable way is selling digital downloads. Top website makes thousands of dollars monthly selling such products. Such downloads account for 70% of the blogs revenue.
Monetization Methods
Ways to monetize content include advertisement networks, e-books and product sales. Other techniques are affiliate programs, paid reviews and direct advertisement. Another effective method is selling digital downloads.
Type of Digital Downloads
Digital products include e-books, pdf files, music, software and videos. The items could be produced by a third party or by the website owner. E-books are perfect for downloads include online courses and manuals.

  • e-books
  • online courses
  • pdf files
  • music
  • software
  • videos
Why Sell Digital Products
Digital products are easy to sell, produce and automate. The product is capable of earning passive income for years. Automating the process provides an effective payment and delivery system.
To successfully sell the product you need to implement an effective delivery system and shopping cart. Choose an informative, useful and quality product.
Steps to Selling Digital Items
Select the Download
You have two choices create a product or sell third party products. The next step is to determine the type of digital product. Common products include software, templates, e-books or courses. The product must complement the niche and offer your readers valuable content.
Selling Third Party Downloads
 Website administrator’s works hard and sometimes find it difficult creating their own products. In this scenario they could leverage on third party downloads.
When you choose third party products, introduce products you have tested and tried. Find quality products that will enhance your readers experience and engagement.
There are many websites that offer affiliates good products created by members. Top sources are ShareASale, ClickBank, Commission Junction and Amazon.
Create a Product
Creating a product is slightly challenging and requires lots of effort. However the remunerations and earning potential is high. Make sure the product is in-depth, informative and quality.
Make sure it is useful, relevant and in-line with your expertise. Do lots of editing to fine tune the product to perfection. Common products produced by website owners are pdf files or e-books.
Write a Sales Page
You need a sales page or landing page once your have an item. The sales page is used to advertise your product. Wordpress sites have a variety of useful plug-ins and customize a page.
The essentials in a sales page are description, title, features and product image. Once you have sales, request testimonials from customers to include in the page.
The usual format includes a price and buy now button on bottom of page. However if the write-up is lengthy you could break it with order now links. The link should take the customer to the product delivery system or shopping cart.
Product Delivery System
The most important aspect of the whole download experience is the delivery system. You need an effective delivery system that is automated or semi-automated. Readers interested in your product should easily purchase the item.
There are digital delivery websites that offer this service to members. Sign up with a website like digital downloads e-junkie or easydigitaldownloads. They allow webmasters upload digital products, set prices and include a buy now link.
Their systems are fully automated and they handle the delivery and acceptance of payment seamlessly.  They provide a good payment gateway, customized email delivery system. Setting up an automated digital delivery system and quality products could provide huge earnings for a webmaster.


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