How to sell Your Used Books

We all have them -used books littering every space in our homes, exercise books, teen novels, romance novels and bestsellers. Do you need some cash why not sell them and use the funds for other important issues.
Despite the amazing success of eBooks, print books can never go out of fashion and will always be in high demand. There are a few tips you can follow when you decide to sell your used books.
 The book should be owned by you, have no writing within the pages, no discolored paper or missing pages and the binding should be intact. The next step is to find out exactly the books worth and how much bookstore both online and offline are willing to pay for it.
Determine the price value
Determining the price value of your used book is the first and most important step when selling used books. The person can use various search options to determine the price value of the book before offering it for sale.
 There is a handy tool that you might find on several book buying websites that predict the price of the book via the ISBN number. You can find such a tool on bookscouter, it is free to use and when a search is done the tool shows different websites offering sums for the book.
 The tool is so handy that it shows the date of publication, title of the book edition, year of printing and author. Before selling your book type the ISBN code into the tool bar and search current listing.
When you find a website offering the highest price for your book you can sell directly to them.
Buying books online and selling them for profit
It is easy to buy used and fairly new books online and sell them at a profit. You can buy books in websites like eBay and sell to the highest bidder. To buy books online you need to first determine the worth of the book you are interested in.
 After determining the price you can bid for the book at lower price including shipping before reselling for profit
Categorizing used book quality.
 Used books are categorized into a few categories according to the condition of the book. The cover, inner pages, wear and tear including paper type and rarity determines the price.
 Books are general categorized into excellent quality, high quality, and mid-range quality, including good and poor quality.
Sell your used book to bookstores
Established book stores are always eager to buy used books especially if a bargain can be reached. Some collect the used books and remit earning to the owner only after sales, while some pay outright. An Antique book has a high demand and easily attracts premium price and are keenly sort by bookstores.
Why not have an open house sale
Backyard sales can be highly successful if adequate publicity is given to the event, publicity can be in the form of hand made posters and bills. If you have lots of stocks categorize the books according to the quality such as high quality, Good or bad. You can also sell in book bazaars, seasonal markets, open stalls and even a street corner.
Amazon buyback program
Sell your book on Amazon buyback program and get up to 80% back. All that you need to do is use their special tool to search for looks you own by entering a title or ISBN number. Shipping through us postal service media takes between 6 to 10 days after which your payment is processed.
Verified items shipped get prompt payment within 2 days and you can check trade status via your trade in account.  Other services you can find on Amazon trade in – include textbook programs like the textbook store, textbook rentals, American student and Kindle textbooks.
They also have the featured category, art, photography, business and investment, medical and many subgroups.
How to get Paid Selling Used Books
 Thing you should know
1                      Don’t trade in borrowed books
2                      Learn packaging and shipping techniques
3                      Ascertain the condition of your book
4                      Do proper shipping
5                      Books not listed after using the search tool does not have an offer price
6                      You can use Amazon Apps to search ISBN number and trade in items
Websites you can sell your books
 Websites where you can sell include sites like,, half. eBay. You can also buy used books on Good reads, while you find and price your books at


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