How to Start an Asphalt Business

Asphalt business is slightly challenging and rewarding. The business could start from scratch or using a franchise format.
It requires different kinds of equipment, and planning. It is practicable part-time or full time depending on the business plan. Part-time asphalt seal coating does not require huge investment in machinery, staff or office location.
Learn the Trade
Learn both the business and technical aspects of the trade. Learn sales strategy, go for practical training and read seal coat guides. Then choose seal coating equipment and crack filling equipment.
Leverage on any mentor-ship programs, technical workshops or tutorials. Learn how to properly estimate jobs to avoid losses. Finally deploy many marketing strategy to attract customers.
  • sales strategy
  • go for practical training
  • read seal coat guides
  • choose seal coating equipment
  • Leverage on any mentor-ship programs
  • Attend technical workshops
  • Tutorials
  • Learn how to estimate jobs
Prepare a Portfolio
The asphalt sealing company needs a glossy portfolio. The competition is high and securing a contract is no bed of roses. Try to use powerful before and after photographs to showcase the company’s expertise.
Services offered by a Maintenance Company
Before launching the business practice the skill and develop a brand. There are many services offered by a maintenance company. Primary services include striping, filling asphalt cracks and seal coating.  
With time and age asphalt pavement will start showing cracks making pavement crack sealing services highly profitable. More services to offer are turf care, landscaping, snow removal and line stripping.
Asphalt Business Services
  • Stripping
  • filling asphalt cracks
  • seal coating
  • turf care
  • landscaping
  • snow removal
  • line stripping
Join a Franchise
Joining a franchise could be expensive but has many benefits. Franchise arrangements provide adequate training for franchisee and support. The support includes a learning center for beginners, free guides, case studies and video center.
Some provide calculators for better pricing of service. Common calculators are paint calculator, blacktop calculator and crack fill calculator. Franchise startup package includes marketing package, business guide and seal coating business package.
Shop Supplies and Equipment
Shop supplies to stock are oil stain degreaser, asphalt patch. Stock crack filler, asphalt sealer, line paint and stencils. 
Equipment’s needed are patching equipment, stencil and spray system. More are crack filling equipment, line stripping machines and driveway cleaning machines. Don’t forget to stock spare parts and accessories.
  • Seal coating Spray System
  • Crack filling
  • Oil stain degreaser
  • stencil
  • Asphalt patch
  • Line paint
  • Spare parts
  • accessories
  • Melters
  • Sealers
  • Concrete tools
  • Asphalt seal coating
  • Crack filling equipment
Strategy to Grow the Business
Work on an effective strategy to grow the business. Use legal representation to fashion contracts and get insurance and register the business as a limited liability company.
Use proper money management techniques, hire qualified staff and bid for jobs. Purchase quality equipment new or used. Invest in training, find suppliers and proper marketing.
Use different forms of marketing such as word of mouth and distribution of flyers. Place advertisement in newspapers, radio and magazines.
Use yellow pages, local directories and classified websites. Attend trade fairs, trade shows and local events to showcase the company.


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