How to Start a Paper Recycling Business

Paper recycling businesses provide environmental solutions for urban dwellers. Paper is easy to recycle and re-purpose into useful items.
There are two ways to enter the paper recycling business. You could gather and sell to recycling plants or run a plant.
Gathering the waste product is infinitely cheaper than establishing a yard. Startup for paper gatherers is very low but requires lots of haulage and sorting. A recycling center uses specialized machinery, staff and adequate land space.
How to Start a Paper Recycling Business
Write a Business Plan
Write a paper recycling business plan and carry out a survey. The plan should define the scope of your business, equipment and location. Factor the cost consideration, haulage and sourcing raw material.
Types of Scrap Paper
There are different types of scrap paper. Collect newspapers, newsprint, bond paper and cardboard's. Some collect exercise books, print waste paper and glossy paper.
Running a Collection Center
You could run a collection center from home or a small space. Notify friends, neighbors and trash collectors to supply waste paper. 
You could offer to pay for high grade paper or provide waste paper disposal service. Before offering a price, study competitors in your locality and compare prices. Make sure the price you offer provides room for profit making.
Things to consider in your pricing are quality of paper, transportation cost and handling. Purchase or hire a truck to haul the paper. Look around for second hand or used truck to reduce costs.
Used paper is bought in tons and weighed appropriately. The price fluctuates according to demand and supply.
Running a Paper Recycle Yard
To run a recycle yard you need proper equipment.  You need to rent a large space, install equipment and source paper. The location should have good roads, storage facility, adequate utilities and labor. You can hire casual laborers according to your needs.
Paper Recycling Equipment
Paper recycling equipment’s are CPScreen, NEWScreen and V-screen. CPScreen is used to separate small fibers and effectively decreases fiber loss. They have consistent spacing making it resistant to wrapping and jamming.
Features of the CPScreen are carbon timing belts, variable frequency drive motors and fast disc replacement. The NEWScreen is used to separate large fibers and has easy replacement parts. V-Screen provides best separation and maximum efficiency.

The Pros and Cons of Starting a Paper Recycling Business
Paper recycling offers environmentally friendly solutions for waste paper. Billions of tons of paper are produced daily. They are used in newspaper publications, exercise books, novels, office files and print.
Other applications of paper are found in cardboards, food boxes and paper based products. The small business owner could create a collection center and gather up the waste paper. Then sell directly to recycling plants or larger agents.
To start the business you need large landed space and storage facility. Other equipments are truck, safety gear and weighing equipment.
Write a Business Plan
A collection agent’s requirements are basic and straightforward. You need a delivery truck, collection yard, safety equipment and scale. The business plan should focus on logistics, price differentiation, transportation and storage.
Different Types of Waste Paper
There are different types of scrap paper collected by recycle agents. Common papers are glossy paper, bond paper, cardboards, and exercise books. Others are corrugated paper, newsprint and Léger paper
A Paper Collection Yard
A paper collection yard should be easily assessable with good road network. You need heavy lifting equipment and good storage facility. The storage facility should be watertight to prevent damage to the paper. Other considerations are utility, labor and transportation costs.
Paper Recycling Equipment
As a collection agent you don’t need much equipment. You can hire casual labor to carry the paper. You need a small forklift truck, haulage truck and storage facility.
Others are safety gear like boots, goggles and leather hand gloves. The paper needs to be weighed so purchase a heavy duty weighing machine. You need ropes to bind the paper into batches for easy transportation
The used papers are bunched and weighed appropriately. The price fluctuates according to demand and supply.
The Pros of Starting a Paper Recycling Business
  • Paper recycling offer environment friendly solutions
  • The business is highly profitable
  • The business template is easy and straightforward
  • The raw material is abundant
  • The amount needed to start the enterprise depends on the scale
  • To succeed you need an ideal location
  • You need proper networking with recycling plants
The Cons of Starting a Paper Recycling Business
  • The business requires huge land space
  • Sorting is labor intensive
  • Although the product is abundant sometime stocking is difficult
  • The price of waste paper fluctuates with demand
  • You need to invest in haulage truck
  • You need large storage facility
How to Run a Collection Center
To run a collection center you need a dump site or yard. You can offer to collect waste paper from neighbors for free.
 Another alternative is to buy from smaller dealers and sell to the recycling plant. Make sure you are abreast with fast changing prices to remain profitable.


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