How to Start a Rodent Exterminator Business

You could earn monthly income providing rodent control services. The business s practicable from home and you need the right equipment. The job could be regarded as dirty work and the practitioner is not squeamish about dead rats.
Rats cause serious health issues, crop and property damage. They spread diseases and out number humans ten to one. Freelancing in this industry requires hardwork and dedication and smart marketing.
The job involves fumigation, traps, cages and use of poison. The exterminators clears drains, adds protective barriers against infestation and set traps.
They also provide educational material and fumigate homes and offices. The job is practicable all year round especially in warm climates.
How to Start a Rodent Control Business
Learn the Pest Control Trade
The easiest part to learning rodent control is working in paid employment. You could work for a pest control company to learn the trade.
Another way is to work as an apprentice or trainee for such an enterprise. Others include engaging an expert to teach the trade. Develop knowledge through books, tutorials, online courses and seminars.

  • Try paid employment
  • work as an apprentice or trainee
  • engage an expert
  • read books, tutorials, online courses and seminars
Types of Pests
Common rodents eliminated by pest control practitioners include rats, mice, and squirrels. Non rodents are cockroaches, termites, bees and bugs. More are mosquitoes, houseflies, caterpillars and moths.
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Squirrels
  • Cockroaches
  • Termites
  • Bees
  • Bugs
  • Mosquitoes
  • Houseflies
  •  Caterpillars
  • Moths

The major challenge in pest control is reaching out to potential clients. The business is highly competitive and requires lots of advertising. You need to offer your clients unique value, efficiency and competitive pricing.
Small scale exterminators have to compete with larger companies and franchise owners. Other difficulties involve safety, spreading germs and proper disposal of rodents. More include getting a state operational license and handling potentially lethal chemicals and poisons.
You need proper storage facility, supplies and face lots of health hazards. Common health hazards are exposure to toxic chemicals, diseases and injury. The work involves narrow spaces, unpleasant odors and dirty environments.
  • Safety
  • spreading germs
  • proper disposal of rodents
  • state operational license
  • handling lethal chemicals
  • proper storage facility
  • suppliers
  • health hazards
  • disease
  • injury
  • work in unpleasant environments
  • obnoxious odors
Why Start a Rodent Examination Business
The main attraction is good financial remunerations and job satisfaction. The exterminator provides a valuable service to humanity and nature.
They help reduce the spread of harmful pest and diseases. Other major advantage includes repeat patronage and basic equipment.
 What You Need
To launch the enterprise you need a good supplier of chemicals and bait. Other requirements include pest control knowledge, quality equipment and business acumen.
Purchase a used vehicle for outcalls and fit with equipment. The owner needs to register the business and get certification or operational license. You need liability and health insurance and tax identification number.
Advertise the business through national newspapers or magazines. Use flyers, posters, banners and signboards to advertise your service. Other ways are through word of mouth, a website or online classified websites.

The Pros and Cons of Starting a Pest Control Business
The pest control business is highly lucrative and challenging. You tend to work with harmful chemicals and disease carrying pests. Pests and rodents cause billion of dollars in property and crop damage
The business is practicable full time or part time depending on your business template. The job is dirty and not ideal for the squeamish individual. The creatures are veracious eaters and spread germs and diseases. Running a pest control service offers environmental solutions to an urban problem.
Types of Pests
The pest exterminator has a whole range of pest to eliminate. Common pests are termites, mosquitoes, moths and houseflies. Others are bugs, rats, mice, cockroaches, bees and squirrels.
  • Rats
  • Termites
  • Mosquitoes
  • Moths
  • Houseflies
  • Bugs
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Cockroaches
  • Bees and squirrels.
Types of Pest Control Equipment
The pest controller works with a verity of tools, chemicals and equipment. They fumigate using toxic material, set traps and cages. Other tools are poison, protective barriers and cleaning services.
How Start a Pest Control Business
The first step to starting a pest control business is learning the trade. After learning the trade you need to pass a state examination and get certified.
Ways to learn the trade includes apprentice training or paid employment with an exterminator. You could use online courses, read books or eBooks. Other ways include attending seminars, and trade workshops
Why Start a Pest Examination Business
The main attraction is job satisfaction and good earnings. They provide a valuable service to environment, humanity and nature.
They also help reduce the spread of disease and harmful pest reducing property damage. Other major advantage includes basic working tools and repeat patronage from satisfied clients.
The Pros of Starting a Pest Control Business
  • The pest control business is very lucrative
  • Startup fund is low and manageable
  • You offer an environmental solution
  • The pest business is practicable part time
  • There are lots of services to offer
  • There are many ways to learn the trade
The Cons of Starting a Pest Control Business
  • Practitioners work with harmful agents
  • There are serious health risks
  • There is a possibility of infection, burns or death by accidental poising
  • The job is dirt and unsanitary
  • Protective gear is mandatory
  • You face serious competition
Pest Control Business Challenges
Pest control officers face lots of challenges on the job. The business is competitive and difficult.
The practitioner faces lots of health and safety issues. Other challenges are proper disposal of dead pests, work related injury or death.
They handle potentially deadly chemicals and poisons. Their job description involves working in dark dingy and narrow spaces. They readily inhale unpleasant odors, crawl under houses and dirty spaces.
  • Safety
  • Obnoxious odors
  • Injury
  • Unpleasant spaces
  • Face health hazards
  • Require state license
  • You need good equipment suppliers
  • You face diseases
  • You need a dumpsite
  • spreading germs
  • you handle lethal chemicals
  • inhale unpleasant smells
Things You Need
You need to register the business as a LLC and get an EIN. Other requirements include operational license and good supplier of chemicals and bate.
To attract patronage you need to run an advertisement campaign Use newspaper publication, television, radio and print. Print flyers, posters, banners and business cards.


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