How to Start a Wire Stripping Business

Many electricians and home owners throw away electrical appliances that contain copper. They either throw the equipment on dumpsites or burn.
Burning copper is illegal and very hazardous to health. Instead of burning or discarding the equipment why not harvest the wire.
Copper wire attracts good prices and is recyclable. Stripping scrap wire is lucrative and environmentally friendly.
Reusing or re-purposing wire saves cost of producing new copper wire. It is highly tedious to strip wire by hand however using equipment will guarantee 100% yield. To successfully strip wire from electronic gadgets invest in a copper wire stripper.
Wire Striping Equipment
The wire stripping equipment is moderately priced and basic. Equipment’s needed are motor crushers, cable cutters and spare parts. Others are weigh scales, manual stripper and alligator shear.
  • motor crushers
  • cable cutters
  • spare parts
  • weigh scales
  • manual stripper
  • alligator shear
Purchase a Wire Stripping Machine
To get clean copper, invest in a copper wire stripper. Wire strippers are used to repair and scrap copper. The hydraulic machinery has serrated teeth and steel components.
Top brands are handheld copper tool striper and SDT automatic wire stripper. Others are the copper mine tool handheld, steel dragon tools automatic wire stripper and stripMeister automatic stripper. The SDT features adjustable tension, 4 cutting channels and a cutting slot.
Features of Stripping Machine
  • aluminum frame
  • one piece blade
  • braided wire and strips solid core
  • steel blade
  • anti slip base
  • re-shaped blade
  • adjustable wire guide
Price of Wire Strippers
The manual copper wire stripping machine costs $54.99 while the handheld copper costs $29.99. Higher priced strippers are the stripMeister automatic at $259 and steel dragon costing $439.99.
Who Uses Striping Machines
There are many professional industries and individuals that use stripping equipment. Common industries are building construction, electricians and contractors. Others are handymen, private individuals and metal recycling yards.
  • building contractors
  • electricians
  • handymen
  • private individuals
  • metal recycling yards
How to use the stripper
To use the stripper select wire guide, insert wire and run to make contact. Remove wire and tighten blade two full turns. Remove safety stop and start the machine to commence the stripping process.
Find the Scrap Wire
Scrap copper is everywhere and readily available. A small business owner could setup a small yard to collect scrap containing copper.
There are lots of places to find scrap copper such as junk yards, rubbish dumps and electrical repair shops. Other viable sources are mining companies, demolition sites, and local electrician.
Sell to Dealers
After harvesting the scrap copper locate local scrap dealers or recycling plants. A simple way to find them is through yellow pages, online directories.
Study the market price of copper and visit scrap dealers. Find end buyers, scrap yards to increase profit and get better prices.
Selling the Copper Wire
Copper wire prices fluctuate depending on the demand and supply. The wire is weighed on a scale to determine the price.
There are 5 grades of scrap copper wire bought by scrap yards. They attract different prices and percentage of wire components. Thin electrical wires are the highest grade 85% followed by wires found in electronics 70%. Extension cords 50% and thin gauged wires such as telephone wire, VGA are 35%.


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