How to write an instant Besttseller

How to write an instant best seller
The simple fact is text books hardly make the best seller list only good fiction novels stand a chance at fame. The genre hardly matters but romance, science fiction,actin thrillers, drama and even explicit content stand equal opportunity to top the charts.

Are you interested in creating a novel that rocks and attracts lots of reviews and attention then follow a few basic rules. Create compelling characters that are memorable and natural makes best sellers. A seasoned writer can make a mundane scene look amazing and mesmerizing with little effort.

The content

Use vivid descriptions in your novel; show the characters actions instead of words spoken by the characters. Paint a picture through your words engaging your readers through scenery, create a picture in their minds and immerse them in the story and characters.

Feed their senses through tested mechanics like facial expressions, dramatization, feelings and actions. Avoid words like ~as she~ or ~as he~ which are excessive actions and are not necessary. Use words like~ that~ or ~which~ appropriately to move the sequence forward.

Body movement

The use of dramatics like body movement and actions make your characters more believable. Effective body movement and interaction between characters is a powerful tool when captivating an audience. Movement gives credit to the character making them more believable than just dialogue and words.

The occasional Body movement before spoken words easily confers action and realism to your characters. Provide character reactions by showing the response of the character in order to have a continuous plot.

What are you worried about Kid? Peter asked.
Instead you can write:
Peter smiled encouragingly. ~What are you worried about Kid~
Using body reference during conversations makes it easy for readers to follow the characters and know exactly which character is speaking.

Use shorter words

Long words look strained and unrealistic, and are difficult to read. Instead limit your words to short sentences and phrases. The use of over exaggerated words might be counter productive. Always try to Breakup your dialogue so its easier to read.

Omniscient know all narration takes away the suspense attached to a character. Try to limit the reader’s insight to the thoughts of a single character. Knowing the thoughts of other characters might take away the x factor that constitutes thrillers.

Instead suggest the feeling of the lead character against the opposing character through dramatization, and visualization. Don’t use ~like` or ‘as if~ proceeding a clause with a subject, and avoid adverbs to split an infinitive.

Be careful of words like ~to lie/To Lay, since/ because, one Another/ Each other, whoever/ Whomever Rise/Raise and so on. Use verb subjective to express contrary views while ellipses can be used to pause a dialogue.

Take you time

Don’t ever rush the scene; give adequate attention to details, scenery, feelings and actions. Don’t over stretch a scene but try to convey suspense and intrigue. Make the dialogue seem as natural as possible, new writer grapple with convincing dialogue.

Try to read out any dialogue to know if it sounds natural, while involving the readers other senses like taste, feel, sounds and smell. Let the dialogue always convey the meaning with short precise words like He said, or She said.

Using long replacement words might be an unnecessary distraction and break the flow of the story. Let the scenery effortlessly merge with dialogue without the attending pause or distractions. Let your character perform an action instead of beginning an action.


It is better to have two main characters, two secondary characters with proper interactions and tension between them, remember physical expressions, dangerous situations while keeping your books pace. The introduction and first paragraph should grab the attention of the readers.

Other things to avoid are flashbacks and long conversations; try to make the location and scenery as authentic as possible. Always give credible people you book to proof read, do spell checks and editing before publishing your masterpiece.
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