The Best 9 Food Home Delivery Apps

Restaurants and fast food business owners could leverage on technology to attract customers. Apart from the usually advertisement methods, print or media there are other alternatives.
There are mobile apps that aid the food delivery service. You could include your restaurant and menu on a popular app to attract more customers. Home food deliver apps afford customers an easy way to order meals.
The Best 9 Food Home Delivery Apps
Eat24 is a good looking App offered by Yelp. The app supports Android Pay, Android and provides appreciable functionality.
Customers have a huge selection of 30,000 restaurants in its data base. Yelp Eats 24 is available in 1,500 cities across United States of America.
The app has a comprehensive rating system based on surveys and reviews. Restaurants on the data charge a delivery fee however the app is free to install.
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2. DoorDash
DoorDash services are mainly found in American cities. The user fees vary depending on location of restaurant to your immediate proximity.
The total cost of the meal includes tax, delivery fees, service fees and cost of the meal. The customer could use a rating feature based on popularity and food quality. More scoring involves customer satisfaction and delivery time after order placement.
3. goPuff
Usage of this app is free on orders more than $49 and a delivery fee for smaller orders. The app charges a delivery free of $2 for any delivery within 30 minutes radius from restaurant.
4. Seamless
To use this app the customer has a minimum order placement. The app usage is free and allows users enjoy zero delivery fees.
There are lots of menu choices and 1000+ restaurants on offer. If you own a restaurant you could get it listed and source a new customer base.
5. Foodler
Although the application is free, restaurant in the data base charge delivery fee. Listed on the app are more than 4000 locations in the United States of America.
Unlike most of the apps listed the Foodler app accepts cashless transactions such as debit card, Foodler Bucks, PayPal and Bitcoin. The interesting aspect of the app is the reward program of a free meal for regular patrons.
6. is a major player in the food delivery system. They offer different services such as laundry, shopping and food delivery services.
Restaurants on the app charge delivery fees and have a minimum order.  The app is free to use but accommodates a few cities in the United States of America.
7. Postmates
Postmates offer customers a $10 a month plus unlimited service. People on unlimited enjoy free delivery on orders $25 and above.
Customers are charged delivery fees and additional charges. The service extends to different types of delivery services including food delivery service.
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8. UberEats
UberEats is served by the Uber app giants. The app is available in many countries such as Canada, USA, Baltimore and Amsterdam.
Other countries include Japan, Singapore and France.  The app charges a flat fee of $5 per delivery.
9. Grubhub
Grubhub app is available in over 850 cities and free to use and download. Delivery fees are left to the discretion of the restaurant.
The app is compatible with smart devices such as android and IOS. Find specific meals or cuisines from their extensive data.


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