Top 10 Highest Paying Health Care Jobs

There are huge job opportunities in the health care sector. Practitioners earn hefty sums while delivery much needed service.
Top paying health care jobs attract over $150,000 in annual wages. And the need for practitioner grows steadily with increase in population and lower life expectancy.
The top jobs require qualified professionals and graduates from school of medicine. It takes about 6-9 years of study to earn the appropriate degrees. Careers related to health care are physician assistant, occupational therapist, registered nurse, physicians and surgeons.
Top 10 Highest Paying Health Care Jobs

1. Occupational Therapist
The salary of an occupational therapists starts at $70,000. The person is required to have a Bachelor’s or master’s degree. Their primary duty is treating disabled and physically challenged patients.
2. Physical Therapist
An average salary for a physician therapist is $80,000. The job description is to provide therapy for injured patients. The seasons are non invasive and conducted to easy the pain through special physical management. To get this job you need a university degree in physical therapy.
3. Radiation Therapist
There is not much difference in the wages of a radiation therapist and physical therapist. The therapists treat deadly diseases such as cancer of skin problems. They are required to have an associate degree and a practicing license.
4. Optometrists
There primary focus is the visually impaired in the society. They earn salaries upwards of $100,000 and require a doctoral degree to operate. Optometrists effectively manage serious eye conditions, diseases and infections.
5. Physicians and Surgeons
Physicians and surgeon wages equate to $100 per hour or $208,000 per year. To practice you need to obtain a professional degree or doctorate degree. There is also on the job training, residency and internship training.
The job outlook and growth rate is 14% and physicians in America held 700,000 jobs in 2014. Physicians and surgeons examine patients, diagnose ailments and treat injuries.
They also prescribe medicine, perform operations and consult patients. They obtain patients medical history and offer preventive health care advice. Surgeons and physicians are one of the highest paid occupations in the world.
6. Dentist
The dentist earns $76 per hour and $159,000 per year in 2016. To become a dentist you need a professional degree or doctoral degree.
The job outlook is 18% on average and 151,500 positions were help in 2014 in America. Dentists treat and diagnose teeth and gum related problems. They instruct and advice patients on best practices and oral care.
7. Pharmacist
The pharmacist is a health care professional or chemist that ensures safe medication. They understand the biochemical mechanism of drugs, actions and effect. To become a pharmacist you need a doctor of pharmacy degree, bachelor of pharmacy or master of pharmacy degree.
They work as community pharmacists, clinics and  hospital. A pharmacist generally undergoes training in pharmaceutical chemistry, microbiology and organic chemistry among others. A pharmacist in US earns about $90,000 0r $55 per hour.
8. Podiatrist
Physicians and surgeons are podiatrist doctors. Podiatrists treat and diagnose leg related problems.
To qualify as a podiatrist you need to specialize in surgery and attend medical school. They earn board certification through examinations, clinical experience and advanced training.
9. Physician Assistants
Physician assistants work closely with surgeons, physicians and health care workers. They also diagnose and treat patients.
Their duties include patient examination, treatment and prescription of medicine. Other functions are research, outreach participation, interpretation of diagnostic tests and review patient’s medical history.
They are team players and work in all areas of medicine. Common working environment for physician assistants are government, educational service, hospitals and office of physicians.
To become a physician assistant you a bachelor’s degree and experience in health care sector. Experience in nursing, paramedics is criterion to becoming a physician assistant. They need continuing education, recertification and pass a PANCE examination.
Qualities of a good physician assistant are emotional stability, compassion, detail oriented and good administrative skills. They earn from $60,000 to $130,000 depending on the industry. The physician assistant job market experience projected growth of 30% percent in 2017.
10. Nurse
The nurse generally assists a physician or surgeon. The median salary for nurses is $80,000. They provide medical care, prenatal care and provide health care services.
There are a number of nursing schools to train new practitioners. Nurses are needed in clinics, hospitals, health centers, outreach and government.


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