Top 10 Jobs for People Who Hate Working in an Office

Not everybody is cut out for a desk job or office work. Many crave a less regimented schedule and outdoors experience.
Luckily there are many jobs perfect for such individuals that require certain level of professionalism and skill. The jobs are interesting, diverse and different in execution. If you are fed up of nine to five grind then check out our top ten picks.
1. Customer Service Representative

A customer service rep could earn about $30,000 annually. The job entails lots of communication and service oriented jobs. The rep could operate from a home or commute depending on the job description. To become one you need a minimum of high school diploma and good interpersonal skill.
2. Telecommunication Line Maintenance
The telecommunication line installer works on high poles by connecting lines. The lines are used for land phones. The individual could learn the trade through apprentice programs or practical experience. This type of work is slowly getting extinct because of the popularity of mobile phones.
3. Become a Paramedic
The job of a paramedic is tough and demanding. You need a certified license as a nurse or medical practitioner. The job involves lots of out calls for accident victims, domestic accidents and health related issues. Paramedics earn about $35,000 annually and require a cool head during emergencies.
4. Wed Developer
The web developer is a freelancer that can work from any location. All that is required is a powerful computer, electricity and high speed internet connectivity. They earn about $60,000 annual and require appropriate web development knowledge.
5. Elevator Installer
The elevator installer is a highly skilled technician. The person could develop the skill through apprentice program or a technical school. They earn from $40,000 to $70, 000 annually. The technician requires a license and certification to operate
6. Become a Pilot
A pilot has the dream job of flying to exotic destinations daily. They live in highbrow hotels and enjoy the luxury lifestyle. There are many ways to achieve the dream and earn a commercial pilots license. A pilot earns about $90,000 annually and you need a federal airport authority certification.
7. Home Physician
The home physician is a certified doctor that performs lots of out calls. The patients are usually the aged or physically challenged individuals. You need a medical degree and license to practice as a doctor. The remunerations are high earning about $120,000 annually.
8. Air host
The air host works in close proximity to the designated pilot. They visit all the destinations and require only moderate training. You need good communication skill, good appearance and a first degree. There are many training institutes for air hosts.
9. Event Organizer
An event organizer plans parties to meet client’s expectations. The locations are diverse and interesting such as theme parks, beach fronts or event centers.
The event planner picks the d├ęcor, floral arrangements and caterers. There are lots of social events serviced by planners such as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays.
10. Solar Panel Installer
The solar panel installer’s primary constituency is roof tops. The job requires certain levels of technical skill. They learn through apprentice programs, technical schools and practical experience.


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