Top 10 Legitimate Captcha Entry Jobs Sites

Completely Automated Public Turning Test is a challenge respond test used to determine the user as a human. The user types the letters and numbers of a distorted image.
The average person is capable of deciphering the image within 10 seconds. Company hire sweat workers to carry out the manual process.
The availability of Captcha entry work is sustainable and earnings depend on the workload. It involves lots of typing and data entry.
The business is practicable from home with a laptop and internet connection. The person interested in this business should have good typing skill, concentration and dedication. The job is difficult, tasking, challenging and remunerations low.
Who is eligible to sign up for Captcha data entry? Captcha entry is available globally and could be done from any geographical location.
The person should have a good command of English alphabets and typing skills. The job description involves solving a Captcha within 15 seconds to guarantee earnings.
Speed and accuracy is important in this line of work. The speed of internet connection should be fast to prevent blur images. The mode of payment is through PayPal therefore ensure that payment is supported in your country.
The earning is very small compared to the effort. It takes 30 minutes of speed and precision to earn $1to $2 USD.
This is only possible with multiple sites that offer this type of job. It will take lots of hard work and Captcha to make $100.
To increase-income diversify the portfolio through blogging, writing gigs and offering specialized service. The mode of payment and jobs differ based on site. 
Some sites require invitation code to join. Others pay based on bid and some have referral commissions. There is also the bitcoin Captcha entry jobs that requires downloading software.
Payment Methods
Each site has its own preferred payment method. Popular payment platforms include PayPal, Payza and Web money. Others include Western Union Money Transfer and Perfect money.
Top 10 Legitimate Captcha Entry Jobs Sites
The rate for ProTypers is 0.45 to 1.2 per 1000. The site does not require software, no referral commission and their loading speed is relatively slow.
The solving time is 15 seconds and payment is sent through western union, perfect money, payza or PayPal. The minimum payout for services is $3 PayPal and $100 for western union.
2. Captcha2Cash
On Captcha2Cash there is no solving time limit and payment method is perfect money or PayPal. They provide downloadable software, no referral commission and rate is $1 per 1000. Loading speed is slow and minimum payout is $1 USD.
3. Solve Captcha for Bitcoin
Solve Captcha for Bitcoin has no solved time limit. Payment is made in Bitcoin.
Minimum threshold is 0.001 and they provide no software. Referral commission attracts 75% and rates are $1 to $1.5 per 1000. The loading is average.
4. 2captcha
The solving time is 10 seconds and minimum payout of $1 USD. The loading speed is fast and you don’t need an invitation code. Referral commission is pegged at 10% and  rate is $0.50 to $1.5 per 1000
5. MegaTypers
The minimum payout for MegaTypers is $3 PayPal, $100 western union. Solving time limit is 15 seconds per Captcha.
They don’t provide software and the person needs an invitation code. Loading is slow and referral earnings are 10%. They pay through western union, web money, perfect money, payza and PayPal.
 They pay 1 per 1000 images typed and have a rating system. More speed and accuracy equates to higher earnings.
7. CatchaTypers
The rates vary according to the time of day. The site could ban a login id for 30 minutes if you fail to write the Captcha within a specific time.
8. VirtualBee
VirtualBee has a score system from 0 to 100 and Captcha are served based on participants score. To join you need to pass an evaluation test.
9. QlinkGroup
On QlinkGroup a member is mandated to complete 800 Captcha a week. They pay weekly so long as you complete the quota.
10. FastTypers- pay $1.5 per 1000 Captcha completed.