Top 10 Profitable Work-from-Home Jobs for Teachers.

Teachers are moderately paid in most countries based on their qualifications and job entitlements. However leveraging on new job possibilities seems impossible and daunting. Don’t get depressed, disheartened or upset merely do the math's.
Your skills are highly needed in many teaching related jobs. Teachers have a wide scope of possibilities especially in this age of technology. This is because the internet has open many opportunities for qualified teachers around the world.
No longer are they limited by geographical location, transportation and location specific challenges. All you need to work from home is a computer, modem, phone and printer. The work at home model is opened to young, old and established teachers worldwide.
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An educational consultant’s job is to offer expert advice based on their vast knowledge. Your primary constituency includes grad students, school administrators and teachers.
There are lots of perks in this job such as high remunerations, price fixing, time flexibility and value added services. Perfect candidates for the job include retirees, principles and teachers. You could work from home or a small office and consult clients at appointed venues.
2. Write Online Courses
Writing online courses is very lucrative and moderately challenging. A comprehensive course should include videos, pdf, Skype tutorials and infographics. The course creator is at liberty to price the program appropriately. You can sell the course from your own website or on sites such as Udemy.
3. Educational Test Scorer
A test scorer marks general paper examinations on behalf of an accredited examination body. There are many organizations willing to hire such knowledgeable teachers.
Common examinations are GCE, NECCO, and TOEFL depending on the country. You need to contact such organizations, study the subject and get accredited as a test scorer.
4. Organize Seminars
You can earn huge money organizing seminars. 90% of the work is done at home such as preparing the seminar materials and booking a venue. You could alternately teach in other people’s seminar and earn good income. They are mostly organized on weekends are will not clash with your regular gig.
5. Sell Teaching Material
Did you know that you can sell you teaching materials online? Many teachers purchase such materials from other teachers. The financial benefits are small and you can earn extra income. The types of materials are lesion plans, study sheets and teaching resources.
6. Teach Math’s or English
Math’s or English teachers are in high demand. They never run out of opportunities to impact students and help them to get good grades. Organizing online and offline lesions is very lucrative.
7. Online Tutor
Online tutors make additional income doing what they know. There are lots of online resources to carry out the job. You have video conferencing, tutorials, Skype and group seasons.
8. Become a Virtual Teacher
A virtual teacher is similar to an online tutor. The type of students differs slightly and could be focused on corporate training or individuals.
Lots of high profile individuals prefer their wards learning from home. Home schooling opportunities is ideal for a virtual teacher. Other students that fall into this category are adult learners.
9. Develop a Curriculum
There are many educational organizations seeking curriculum developers. Any institution worth its salt needs a good curriculum for the students. Offering this service could translate to good earnings for teachers.
10. Editorial Jobs
There are some education editorial jobs offered on freelance sites. The job pays well and is commensurate with the workload. There is serious competition for editorial work on job boards. Editors earn hefty sums and are always in demand.


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