Top 10 Worst Jobs Ever!

To quantify as a bad job it should be dangerous, hazardous and unpleasant. Some jobs are very essential, noble and necessary. However they might lead to early death, infection or accidents. Jobs that require long hours, poor remunerations are top on the list.

Top 10 Worst Jobs Ever
1. Newspaper Reporter
Although the newspaper reporter performs a valuable service the working conditions are tedious. The expected growth of the industry is pegged at 1% percent. And practitioners earn a median salary of $36,000.
2. Logger
The logging profession has to face lots of environmental laws and provision. The hazards of the job include falling trees, wild animals and poor healthcare. The expected growth is less than 4% percent. Logger generally earn median salaries around $30,000
3. Police Officer
The all-time worst profession in the world is the police officer. They deal with lots of dangerous individuals and criminal elements.
They work in a highly charged, stressful environment. They patrol the streets at ungodly hours and earn low wages. The officers also have to deal with life threatening situations daily.
4. Military Personnel
The average wages of military personnel is $ 27,000. The job entails fighting insurgents and waging war in distant lands. They are the first response to terrorism, bomb threats and other deadly situations.
5. Sales Representative
The sales representative pounds the pavement looking for clients. They only earn when the perfect a sale or attract a client. They have no fixed income and are given pittance for transportation.
6. Insurance Agents
An insurance agent is paid low wages or based on performance. The earnings depend on the number of 'suckers' sorry clients they enlist on the scheme. 
The salary depends on the individual’s position in the company. Average earnings start from $30,000 to $50,000.
7. Retail Salespersons
How do you fancy working 10 hours a week including weekends in a store? You attend to customers and provide support and assistance. The median salary scale for salespersons is about $20,000.
8. Taxi Drivers
Taxi drivers earn fair wages depending on the number of customers they ferry. The industry has experienced a growth rate of 14 percent due to the influx of private cab services.
A smart application like the Ubercab app has opened the world to private car owners. The job is on our top 10 list because of the dangers of accident, extreme fatigue and long working hours. They also face the threat of violence and thieves.
9. Firefighters
In most African countries firefighter are poorly paid. The job is very dangerous and has contributed too many deaths of able bodied men/women. In US the expected job grow is estimated at 4% percent and salary is about $40,000
10. Garbage and Waste Disposal Personnel
The waste disposal business pays well and practitioners earn lots of money. However the work conditions are hazardous and personnel are exposed to infection, disease and toxic materials.
Top 10 Worst Jobs Ever
1. Garbage Collectors
2. Waste Disposal Personnel
3. Firefighters
4. Retail Salesperson
5. Taxi Drivers
6. Police Officers
7. Insurance Agents
8. Military Personnel
9. Loggers
10.Newspaper reporters