Top 12 Best Paid Jobs in Construction

Construction business provides many opportunities for qualified professionals. The job description is diverse according to the individual’s qualification and training. The industry accounts for a huge number of employable opportunities for fresh graduates, technicians and youths.
In most countries the industry experiences rapid growth due to urbanization and influx of people from rural areas or abroad. The construction job is commensurate with the builder’s level of proficiency. The wages earned is also determined by different factors.
Many job placements in construction attract hug wages while other manual jobs slightly lower. Another thing to consider is the various unions and associations within the construction industry.
construction crew
Training and Education
The job description involves skilled and unskilled labor. The skilled labor includes acquiring a university education, technical training or apprentice program. Unskilled labor is usually manual labor.
Construction site workers are mandated to join associations and labor union in most countries. The average earnings of construction site workers range from $25, 000 to $50,000 annually.
Top 10 Best Paid Jobs in Construction
1. Roofer
Every building needs a good and secure roof. The materials vary depending on the design, geographical location and construction technique. The main function of a roofer is to install, repair or maintain roofing sheets.
The type of roofing material depends on commercial, government or residential property. Roofers gain experience through apprentice programs, practical tutelage or technical institutions. Average earnings for roofers in America are $18 per hour or $37,000 a year.
2. Solar Panel Installation
Solar energy is fast becoming a preferred choice over diesel or gas. Solar panel Installer’s are in short supply and high demand. The same amount of wages that applies to roofers is similar to solar installers. The technician requires practical experience or specialized training.
3. Mason
The work of a mason is labor intensive and requires precision building. The bricklayer carries out the construction of building walls and pavements.
The training is usually practical or through apprentice programs. Some undergo vocational training to acquire the practical skill.
 The bricklayer works closely with casual laborers who mix the cement and sand during construction. Casual labor are poorly paid while mason charge according to the building requirements.
4. Equipment Operators
Construction operators handle the heavy equipment onsite. The type of equipment depends on the stage of construction and requirements.
Common equipment found in building sites are tractors, tippers, trucks, earth movers and bulldozers. The operator may specialize in one or more equipment and earn an average of $45,000 annually.
5. Iron Bender
The iron bender installs reinforced steel during construction. The iron is to give the building strength while reinforcing the physical structure. Iron rods of different dimensions are used for beams, foundation and decking. An average steel worker earns about $25,000 per year.
6. Insulation Specialists
Insulation workers provide the insulation of the building. Insulation is required to maintain the building temperatures and provide a pleasant living environment. They earn $18 per hour or $38,000 a year.
7. Elevator Installer
The elevator installer builds repairs and maintains elevators. The job is highly lucrative and you get recurrent jobs.
Other jobs under this specification include repair of escalators, commercial walkways and lifts. The installer learns through practical experience, apprentice program or training institutions.
8. Plumber
The plumber or pipe fitter is a very crucial element in any construction. They work closely with the architects and builders in perfect synergy.
A plumber installs the bathrooms, lavatory pipes and fittings. They develop the skill through practical training, apprentice arrangement or from a technical institution. Pipe fitters can earn $25,000 annually.
9. Architect
Without the architect there is no building to construct. The architect designs the building and is onsite to supervise the construction. To become an architect you need university qualification Bachelors degree or masters.
10. Electrician
The electrician could acquire technical training from a university or polytechnic. The electrician installs all the electrical fittings, wires and bulbs. The electrical fittings could be conduit or surface depending on the builder’s specification.
11. Boiler Manufacturer
The boiler maker installs and assembles the heating components. The job requires a high level of proficiency and they earn good money.
The boilermaker needs to pass local state laws to engage in the practice. They learn through technical workshops, training institutes and apprentice programs. They earn about $50,000 a year or $27per hour.
12. Casual Labor
Casual labor is an integral part of the construction process. They are poorly paid and labor intensive. Their job description is to aid the mason to mix the sand, cement and carrying the mixture. The job difficult and require a physically strong individual.


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