Top 34 Legitimate Sites That Offer Online Tutoring Jobs

It is highly practicable and profitable to make money as an online tutor. The teacher earns regular income tutoring students from home.
There are many opportunities for teachers regardless of qualification. The skill or experience determines the level and group of students taught. 
Higher qualifications like Bachelors or master’s degree holders could tutor university undergraduates. Full time teachers can supplement their income by working part time online. The good part is time flexibility, freedom of choice and regular gigs.
Who to Teach
They teach college students, university students and high school students. Others are adults, unemployed youths and private individuals.
  • college students
  • university students
  • high school students
  • adults
  • unemployed youths
  • private individuals
Why Online Teaching
Online teaching offers flexible schedule, proper time management and fulfillment. It is practicable globally and easy to do.
Anyone with specialized knowledge and internet connectivity can become a tutor. The teacher could work with multiple agencies and develop a curriculum.
How does Online Tutoring Work?
Online tutors use a host of different teaching aids. They use infographics, charts, lectures and homework.
Other tools include direct engagement with pupil through Skype and telephone. Other means include webcam, tutorials and videos.
The tutor could teach an individual student or group. The teacher sign up with a tutoring company and jobs are assigned according to their area of specialization.
Teaching Requirements
Having prior teaching experience is an advantage in online tutoring. A good academic qualification aids the site determine the teachers specialty and proficiency.
Tutors with bachelor’s degrees, masters and professional knowledge are the best prospects. However under grads and college students have also found tutoring jobs.
How to Find Online Tutoring Jobs
There are many legitimate tutoring agencies online. The teacher needs to sign up and register on the site.
Freelancers are free to choose the work schedule based on their availability. Students are assigned on individual level or group.
The assignment is based on the teacher’s expertise and specialty. The sites job is to match students to available pool of tutors.
Some sites prefer to leave the choice to the student by listing the tutors credential and profile on their marketplace. Biding for jobs is not an uncommon practice in online tutoring.
How much do Online Tutors Earn
Tutors earn according to the frequency of jobs and level of expertise. The higher the grade level the more money charged for tutelage.
Teaching highly demand subject attract better prices and bids. Some platforms pay $10 to $25 per hour while others allow tutors set their own rate
Top 34 Legitimate Sites That Offer Online Tutoring Jobs
There are many websites that offer tutors job boards. Here are 34 websites that offer teachers tutoring jobs.


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