10 Business Opportunities in Waste Management

The waste management industry is highly regulated, competitive and challenging. Practitioners make lots of money providing essential service. The business is hazardous, dangerous and practitioners need protective gear. Here are top 10 waste management businesses
waste tin
10 Waste Management Businesses
1. Construction Waste Management
Real estate developers and contractors need to contend with construction waste. Construction waste is broken blocks, bricks, wood and building scrap.
Others are broken glass, aluminum panels, waste pipes, PVC, gravel and sand. Construction waste collectors earn good income cleaning up the sites and collecting the debris.
2. Paper Recycling
Paper recycling plants enjoy huge patronage from manufacturing companies. The recycled papers are made into cardboard boxes, newspapers, bond paper and tissue papers. An investor could establish a paper cycling plant or supply the used paper as a middleman
3. Bottle Recycling
You could operate a bottle recycling plant or become a used bottle agent. The bottles are crushed and recycled to new bottles or glass. To operate this business you need safety gear like gloves, eye protection glasses and boots.
4. Garbage Disposal
Garbage disposal is the most common form of waste management. This is because households produce lots of garbage that requires expert disposal. Common garbage is empty tins, discarded food, toiletries, paper and used polythene bags.
5. Scrap Metal Collection Depot
Scrap metal is in high demand and attract good prices. Scrap metal is harvested from tin cans, household utensils and car parts. The scrap metal are collected and sold to recycling plants. The metal is later made into pots, pans, nails and iron rods.
6. Rubber Recycling
Rubber is easy to recycle and re-purposed into different items. The rubber is generally melted in a hot furnace and made into new rubber products. They are made into rubber shoes, sandals, water jugs, cups and chairs. There are thousands of applications for recycled rubber.
7. Disposal of Medical Waste
Disposal of medical waste is serious business. The practitioners need serious safety equipment to handle the dangerous waste. Common items found in medical waste are syringes, used tissues, medical containers and stained cover cloths.
8. Sewage Waste
Sewage waste is evacuated from septic tanks in commercial and private residents. The business requires a septic truck, safety gear and waste disposal unit. Practitioners make lots of money from the service they offer.
9. Public Toilet Managers
Public toilet operators make lots of money providing the service. The public toilets are installed in strategic locations with lots of human traffic. The toilets are usually made from plastic and are fitted with a flushing system.
10. Polythene Waste
Polythene bags are used for shopping and to carry groceries. However the practical bag is very harmful to our environment. It takes 100 years for a polythene bag to decompose. The polythene bags are banned in many countries. 


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