10 Lucrative Livestock Farming Ventures

There are lots of livestock businesses to consider. You have goat farming, cattle rearing and ram farming. Others are chicken, turkey, guinea fowl and pigeon.
Farming is very lucrative, moderately challenging and requires serious investment in money and time. Agricultural products are always in demand and you will get a fair deal for your efforts. Here are 10 Lucrative Livestock Farming Ventures.
1. Rabbit Farming
Rabbit farming is very profitable because the animals breed rapidly. They attract good prices and are veracious eaters. Once they are properly houses, regular feeding and cleaning of pen they grow fast. There are different types of rabbit so make sure the breed is popular in your locality.
2. Guinea Pig Farming
Guinea pigs are also good at breeding in the right conditions. They need proper care, medication and feeding. Guinea pig farming is not that common however the business is moderately lucrative.
3. Guinea Fowl Farming
Not everyone likes guinea fowl meat and most prefer chicken. However the fowl is considered a delicacy in some countries. The birds are fragile and could easily die if not properly managed.
4. Pig Farming
Pigs are one of the most profitable livestock businesses on the planet. The pork is highly priced and the meat has lots of food applications.
Another advantage includes rapid weight gain, rapid breeding and huge number of young produced by the female. Pigs are highly priced and attracts premium price in the market.
5. Goat Farming
Goats are rugged, tough and agile animals. They need lots of room to wander and forage. They are top on the list during religious occasions and festivities.
In a country like Nigeria the meat is the primary ingredient in goat meat pepper soup. This delicacy is served in many bars, drinking joints and restaurants.
6. Cattle Farming
Cattle are on the upper end of the livestock trade. Single cattle could sell from $400-$1000. The growth and reproduction rate is low and a female usually have only one calf.
7. Sheep Farming
Sheep farming is very lucrative business especially in Muslim dominated areas. The meat is used during religious festivities and highly priced. The animals are rugged, eat moderately and are delicious to eat.
8. Catfish Farming
Catfish farming experienced an explosion in Nigeria in 2010. The fish are rugged, easy to farm and are properly priced. To grow the fish you need adequate water, electricity for pumping machine and adequate food.
9. Turkey Farming
Turkeys are rugged birds with an attitude. They grow fast and are a delicacy in most households. The birds attract premium price and is delicious. However the reproduction rate is slow if you use free range format.
10. Chicken Farming
Poultry farming is the number one livestock farming in most countries. The birds are farmed for meat or eggs. They grow rapidly and are a staple in most homes.
To start a chicken farm you need cages, adequate food and water. To avoid losses use the services of a vet to administer the appropriate vaccinations and drugs.


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