10 Steps on How to Apply for a Job

Finding the right job is stressful and challenging. Proper preparation and simple rules could bag that dream job.  There are a few things to do before applying for a job. They involve writing a good resume, finding the job and research.
Others are getting good references, following instructions and delivering the application. Many applicants go through the first process and fail on the interview. Here are steps on how to apply for a job and pass any interview
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10 Steps on How to Apply for a Job
1. Decide on the Job
You need to decide on the type of job you want. In choosing the jobs consider the industry, advancement prospects and remunerations.
Other aspects are your education, skill, interest including job satisfaction. You need to study the salary scale, benefits, insurance and other employee coverage.
In some cases personal development is high on the checklist. Once you have considered all the elements you can narrow the search to your preferred job. Make sure you have appropriate education, experience and motivation for the job of your choice.
2. Conduct Research
It is essential you conduct research on your company of choice. The research should cover company structure, management team and core values of the establishment.
Focus on their services, products and mission statement. Visit the about us page of the website, employment options and community activities. This will provide valuable insight on their operations.
3. Draft a Resume
There are many resources to help draft a good resume. Make sure your resume is updated regularly and properly represents your education and experience. Add working experience, projects and awards.
List your educational qualifications, work history, company name and dates of employment. Others include relevant skill and contact information. It is a good idea to get friends and relations review your resume and provide advice.
4. References
It is appropriate to secure your references before applying for any position. Approach former colleges, relations and people in your professional field. Make sure you have the referee’s current company address, phone number and email address.
5. Study the Application Instructions
The application processes differ from one company to the next. They usually provide strict instructions that could result in automatic disqualification when not properly followed.
The submission processes include manual submission, email submissions and directly on their websites. Many companies use newspaper advertisement or job websites.
6. Add a Cover Letter
The usual practice is to add a cover letter to your application. Make sure the cover letter is specially tailored to the company. Add interests and unique talent and scan the letter and paste at the bottom of online application.
7. Apply for the Position
Once you have written your résumé, cover letter and found a job application. The next step is to apply for the job.
The application process would determine the approach you take.  Most job applications are usually directed to the human resources department of that company.
Online applications consist of specific questions so follow the instructions to the letter and include all relevant information and cover letter. Crosscheck that your contact information is correct including your email address. 
Mail delivered applications should be properly addressed to the appropriate office. Hand delivered applications should reach the person in-charge of such documentation
8. Follow Up
It is important to check the status of your application. Make sure the application reached the destination on time. Email the relevant offices for feedback on your application.
9. The Interview
If you are called for an interview then you have a toe in the door. On the day of the interview present a corporate look and exude confidence.
Arrive to the venue on time, review notes and remain composed. Answer the questions truthfully and show enthusiasm for the job. Try to leave a good impression and follow appropriate etiquette.
10. on the Job
Once you secure employment don’t forget about the hassles of securing it. Work hard and provide good value to the organization. Management tend to know the good workers and in time offer promotions and other remunerations.


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