14 lucrative Business Ideas for College Towns

College towns present good business opportunities for investors. The town’s guests are basically the students, lecturers and parents visiting the college town. A smart entrepreneur can leverage on the population and offer specialized services.
To succeed make sure the business meets the demand for students. In such communities local residents have found such institutions a blessing financially. If you live in a college community here are 14 small business ideas.
14 lucrative Business Ideas for College Towns
1. Business Center
A business center is basically a place to carry out document related services. The center provides fax services, photocopy, printing and typing services. Others include book binding, lamination, digital passport photography and other related services
2. Vending Machine
Vending machines are very popular and a good money maker.  Make sure the machine is placed in a popular hangout with lots of people. Stock the machine with items like drinks, snacks and magazines.
3. Resume Writing
College students and graduates need a good resume. If you offer such services you will attract lots of customers. The business will grow organically and you will get lots of recommendations, referrals and word of mouth advertising.
4. Night Club
If you have some cash to spare you can open a nightclub. Students are usually restless and need occasional distraction from academic life.
5. Laundry Services
Laundry services are perfect money spinners in college towns. Many students are not keen on washing their cloths and would readily use the service.
6. Tailoring Service
If you have a flair for sewing, open a small tailoring service. You could offer sewing, scratch, amendments or patchwork. Provide alteration services and design new outfits for sale.
7. Barbing Salon
Another highly profitable business is a barbing salon. You don’t need a shop to offer barbing services. All you need are good clipper, cups, mirror and other salon paraphernalia.
8. Open a Cyber Café
Despite the proliferation of smart phones with internet capacity students need cyber cafes. They use the cafes to read books, complete assignments and browse for information.
9. Open a Bookstore
You could open a bookstore close to the campus. Make sure you stock relevant publications based on their curriculum. Find out from students publications they need and stock a few. Stock your bookstore with stationers like biros, pencils, and note pads.
10. Restaurant
Students must eat so opening a restaurant is very lucrative. Make sure the food is delicious and within the price range they can afford. Locate the restaurant within the campus or close to the college.
11. Repair laptops and Mobile Devices
Students are one of the top consumers of smart devices.  They use lots of laptops and cell phones. A smart business is to offer repair services for such devices. To increase profit you can sell phones, used laptops and phone accessories.
12. Transportation Services
College students move around constantly and need transportation. You could start a small cab service within the campus or around the town. Make sure your prices are reasonable and affordable.
13. Tutoring Services
You could start a small tutoring service on specific subjects. You could hire a lecturer if it does not go against their terms of employment. Make sure the teaching is comprehensive fun and interesting.
14. Beauty and Hair Salon
Teenagers and young adults are obsessed with their looks. They want to try the latest hair styles and wear the trending fashion. Providing a beauty salon treatment would attract lots of patronage. 


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