20 Businesses You Can Start with Less Than $100

Did you know that there are lots of businesses you can start with $100. Some are specific to some geographical regions, culinary tastes and working environment.
Becoming self employed is liberating and challenging. However you need to earn enough to put food on your table, pay medical expenses, transportation and utilities.
Many people are cash strapped and believe starting a business requires huge capital investment. This is not necessary true because there are lots of small businesses you can start with less than $100.
Most of the business highlighted a practicable from home. Such business usually requires re-investment of profit into working capital.
Things to Consider when Starting a Business
The main thing to consider when starting a business is location and customer demography. Others include supplies, labor, funding, company registration and utility bills. Not every business needs registration and small business owners could bootstrap market.
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Bootstrap Marketing Techniques
To attract customers most businesses result to advertisement. There are many options such as online advertisement, newspaper publications or using classified websites.
Traditional advertisement techniques include flyers, business cards, posters and banners. A tested technique that costs next to nothing is referrals and word of mouth. Here are 10 businesses you can start with $100.
1. Information Product Marketing
The information product marketer produces an information product for sale. The business is highly lucrative and some practitioners make six figure incomes.
The information product creator produces material in form of audio, video, pdf, tutorials and ebooks. Other free media formats are blogs, webinars and tutorials.
The business is ideal for writers, teachers and small entrepreneurs. The curator develops a series of information products to teach a specific subject and earn from the purchase of such products
2. Start a Blog
Did you know that you can start a successful blog with zero investment? To start your blog you need a paid or free host provider.
Most free host providers show ads for the use of their bandwidth. However blogger offer 'unlimited' and you can monetize the blog with adsense.
To use blogger effectively purchase a domain name and point to your blogger blog. However using a paid host and building a Wordpress site would offer full control of your web property.
3. Become a Wordpress Developer
There are over 100 million websites and blogs online. This is because most businesses have an online presence by building a website.
If you have web development skill then leverage on web development could earn good income. You help your clients build and optimize Wordpress site.
There are many course and online resources to learn web developing and with each site you increase knowledge.
4. Consultancy Business
All you need in a consultancy business is deep knowledge of an industry. You need a small home office and dedicated telephone line to start the business.
Other items include a complimentary card, powerful résumé and clients. The consultant is hired for a specific period to carry out a specific assignment. Many companies and individuals require the assistance of consultants.
5. Personal Concierge Business
Starting a personal concierge business is relatively easy. You need only a business card, local advertisement and clients.
The concierge duties are to carryout different assignment on behalf of the client. The assignments could include shopping, baby setting and house cleaning. Others are driving the client to a destination, picking up grocery or dog walking.
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6. Become a Lesson Teacher
If you are a teacher you can start an after school lesion business. You tend to make good cash doing what comes naturally.
The teacher could teach individual students or focus on group seasons. It takes zero startup but involves working on weekends or after school.
7. Social Media Consultant
A social media consultant offer social services to individuals or companies. They promote products, brands and shows on their social page.
Before you can become a social guru you need a huge following on popular social media sites. Popular sites to build your reputation and engagement include Facebook, twitter and Instagram.
8. Become a House Painter
Starting a small scale house painting business is easy. You need to purchase or borrow basic equipment to carry bout the job.
The amount of money depends on getting regular gigs and trustworthy clients. To start the business learn how to paint and post flyers in local shops.
9. Sell Craft
You could create some craft work and sell locally or online. There are thousands of craft ideas to develop a product.
Sell the product on eBay, Amazon, Etsy and other sales platforms. Craft ideas are bags, sandals, beads, wristbands, monogram t-shirts etc.
10. Event Planner
You don’t need lots of inventory to become an event planner. You need organizational skills and communication skills.
You need to network extensively and find clients. For every successful event you curate you get more referrals and recommendations.
Learn the trade by joining an event planning company or becoming an assistant. Other ways are through seminars, tutorials, eBooks or regular books.
10 Easy Startup Business Ideas
You don’t have much startup funds no-problem. This is because there are lots of businesses that only require specialized skill and good customer service.
There are many big businesses that started from zero. The type of business you choose depends on your education, skill set and interest. Here are 10 easy startup business ideas.
1. Painting Business
It is easy to start a painting business with zero capital.  You can purchase basic equipment like brushes, bowls and scraper.
The total expense is less than $100 dollars to get up and running. Painters generally use client’s deposits to purchase the paints needed for the project.
The business is practicable throughout the year and you can deploy cheap marketing strategy. Advertise your business through handmade flyers at construction sites and local stores.
Larger projects require more hands so hire casual painters and manage the project. The job however requires physical strength, endurance and patience.
2. Gardening Services
Another business that requires low startup is gardening. To succeed in this business you need to know different types of plant. Other knowledge includes soil composition and complementary plants.
The job is backbreaking and requires physical strength. To succeed you need a good knowledge of plants and interpersonal skill.
3. Delivery Service
If you have a driving or motorcycle riding license you could start a delivery service. However you need a means of mobility a car or motorcycle.
You should have a current driving license and good knowledge of local routes. To succeed you need good organizational skill, good driving record and focus.
4. Dog Walking and Pet Setting
All you need to start a dog walking business are strong dog restraints. You should be physically fit and willing to work at short notice.
Dog setting is more lucrative than dog walking. Pet care is a billion dollar industry and pet owners are willing to part with good cash to care for their pets.
5. Become a Local Tour Guide
The business is practically without any investment. However you need to know your constituency intimately.
Find new and exciting locations for your patrons and offer quality service. A private taxi driver could increase income by offering travelers tour guide services.
6. Event Organizer
The event organizer conducts the entire event activities. Popular events include weddings, anniversary, political events and birthdays. The job is highly lucrative and very challenging.
The event organizer coordinates the decorators, seating arrangement, floral arrangement and drinks. You need serious organizational skills to become an event organizer.
7. Start a Cleaning Service
There are basic equipment’s you need to start a cleaning service. You need brooms, brushes, vacuum cleaner, cloths and cleaning agents. The business requires lots of physical exertion and manual labor. Advertise your services in newspapers and print.
8. Waste Disposal Business
To start a waste disposal business you need state approval. You can hire a truck anytime you want to do the rounds. Waste disposal business is very lucrative and you tend to make huge earning performing this service.
9. Start a Recycling Supply Business
The recycler earns money by collecting useful waste and selling to a recycling plant. There are different types of waste material that attracts good money. Money wastes include copper wire, iron rods, newspapers and aluminum.
10. Sell Used Items
Sell your used and old items online. There are lots of places to sell such items but the most popular platform is eBay. Sell craft work, art works, books, household items and accessories.
The business format is easy. List your item, add image and description. Once sold you ship to buyer and collect your earnings.


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