25 Best Educational Business Ideas and Opportunities

The education industry is huge and very lucrative. There are many sectors that offer investors huge money making opportunities.
The businesses are diverse and cover a large scope of services. The scope includes learning tools, sale, services and events.
What drives education related businesses is the huge market. You have thousands of primary schools, colleges, universities and daycare centers.
Others are higher education centers, vocational institutions and computer training schools. Are you interested in starting an education related business here are 25 education business ideas.
25 Best Educational business ideas and Opportunities
1. Production of Educational Tutorials
As an educationist you can venture into the production of educational tutorials. The tutorials should focus on specific subjects.
Use theories, solutions, question and answer to create a comprehensive tutorial. Write tutorials only on subject you have a deep knowledge or educational qualification.
2. Production of Educational Audio and Video Tapes
Production of educational materials is lucrative. Choose a niche and age grade you want to teach. Make sure the videos are high definition learning tools and record audio tutorials. You could make videos for college students, high school or kindergarten.
3. Educational Webinars
Webinars are ideal learning tools for students. Try to organize one based on your professional qualification and experiences.
4. Build an Educational Blog
An educational blog should focus on a niche area. To start one you need a host plan, keyword rich domain name and quality content. You can sell educational materials from the blog or offer counseling. Other ways to monetize the blog is through advertisement and third party products. Blogging for Cash
5. Become an Online Tutor
Online tutors earn good income teaching students. They work within a time frame and produce learning material. 34 Sites for Tutoring Jobs
6. Organize School Competitions
A good way to earn regular income is to organize school competitions. Most schools are eager to showcase their students to the world to gain new entrants. Once the competition has an educational theme such as spelling or mathematics they become interested.
7. Organize an Educational Seminar
People that organize seminars make lots of money. They need to find a profitable niche that teaches new skill and add knowledge. To organize a seminar you need a subject matter, teaching aids, hall and advertisement. Seminar Business
8. Start a School
The most logical educational business is starting a school, however establishing one is not for the faint heart. It takes several years to get a license and you need serious cash.
The school needs a curriculum, qualified teachers, permanent location and non academic staff. Others are books and educational facilities. Starting a Private School
9. Educational Newspaper or Magazine
Another interesting business idea is to starting a local student magazine or newspaper. The magazine should be rich in content to attract buyers. You could focus on activities within the campus or offer a broad based subject. How to Start a Magazine
10. Become a Consultant
Consultants are professionals with several years of working experience. You could offer consulting services to schools especially on administrative matters.
11. Open a Cyber Café
Every campus needs a cyber café for students to carry out research and projects. The business is highly lucrative in such areas but you need fast internet connectivity.
The major equipment’s are computers, 4G modem, chairs and table. Your utility bills would be high and you need backup generator
12. Produce Chalk
Every school uses chalk as a teaching aid. The production of chalk is relatively easy and practicable at home. You don’t need serious equipment but knowledge of the production process. Chalk Production
13. Open a Bookshop
Open a bookshop within the campus or environment. Stock books that is relevant to the university curriculum. You could network with the school authorities to supply stationeries.
14. Start a Vocational School
A vocational institution is different from an adult education center. Such institutions teach practical skills like carpentry, welding, craft making and tailoring. You could work in conjunction with local, state or government authorities.
15. Start a Computer College
Computers have become part of or daily lives so learning the skill is important. You need a permit to start a computer college and offer courses. Hire qualified teachers, purchase equipment and find an ideal location. Open an ICT School
16. Do Editing and Proof Reading
You could provide editing and proof reading service. Many students have to submit reports and assignments. They might need the services of an expert to correct grammar, spelling and word arrangement.
17. Open a Business Center
You can open a business center within the campus.  Rent one of the numerous stores with the campus and offer typing, photocopying and book binding services. You could add a small cyber café to attract more students. Open a Profitable Business Center
18. Become a Private Tutor
Becoming a private tutor is another business idea. You need to provide quality teaching and get students. You could teach them in their homes or a dedicated location.
19. Open a Library
Despite the proliferation of online teaching resources libraries are still relevant. Students need peaceful location to learn and assimilate lesions. You can charge membership fees and sell books and tutorials to students.
20. Organize Excursions
A good way to earn income is by organizing school excursions. The excursions should focus on education, history or culture.
To start the businesses find somewhere to take the students then approach the school authorities. You need to provide a means of transportation and security for the students.
21. Start an Adult Education Center
An adult educational institution is far easier to setup than a regular school. You can get a license rather quickly and offer vocational training and college tutorials.
22. Open a Cultural Center
Cultural centers are fun gathering places for youths. Open one within a campus or close to a college. Make sure the place is peaceful and conducive for learning. You could include a library and other added value activities to attract students.
23. Open a Printing Press
Opening a printing press is a good idea. You could concentrate on educational materials like exercise books, drawing books and text books. To start the press you need a cord machine, ruling machine, computer and printer. You would need a lithographer, machine operator, book binder and marketing agent. Start a Printing Press
24. Become a Freelance Writer
Freelance writing involves producing quality work on demand. You could start a blog or write articles for cash. You could take assignments o pitch articles to magazines or blogs. Make Money as a Freelance Writer
25. Sell Used Books
Every school needs books and they could be expensive. Selling used books to students is not only smart but profitable. Find out the textbooks they use regularly and sell directly to them. They would rather buy a used book than a new one for just a semester.
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