30 Travel Magazines and Websites that Pay Writers

Avid travelers with a passion for exotic destinations and words can earn form their adventure. There are many travel magazines that pay freelancers for travel and destination articles.
The pay ranges from $150 to $600 per article. They all have a minimum and maximum word count including submission guidelines. Many of the magazines are regional publication with specific focus on local demography.
Travel writing is vast accommodating exotic locations, relics, cultural activities and seasonal festivities. Travel articles include history exploration, backpacking or activities within a geographical location. The articles must be original unique, interesting and full of the travelers experience.
You could submit short stories, poems, story ideas, personal view. Many prefer article in the range of 1500 words to 2500 words. You may send articles through their contact us page, email or pitch articles.
It is best to read publications on the magazine to understand the type of articles and style they prefer. Some might request samples of previously published works. To get accepted you need to carefully read the magazines submission guides.
How to Become a Freelance Writer in Nigeria
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Travel Topics
There is a full range of travel topics to write about. Common topics are travel stories, local cuisine, adventure tourism and local music.
Others include environmental sustainability, personal profiles destination, and mountaineering. More topics are writing about camping, hunting, hiking trips, fauna and wildlife profiles.
  • travel stories
  • local cuisine
  • adventure tourism
  • local music
  • environmental sustainability
  • personal profiles
  • destination reporting
  • mountaineering
  • camping
  • hunting
  • hiking trips
  • wildlife profiles
35 Travel Magazines and Websites That Pay freelance writers
1. Roads and Kingdoms- 25 short articles, 150 features
2. EnRoute
3. Lake Superior-topics history, tourism, environment of Lake Superior region-$400
4. Via Magazine
5. Yankee Magazine
6. Hawaii Magazine-$600
7. Alaska Airlines Magazine
8. Texas Highways
9. Hakai Magazine- maximum word count of 3000
10. Trailer Life Magazine
11. WestJet Magazine
12. Pathfinders Travel
13. Open Skies
14. Sunset Magazine
15. Travel Leisure Magazine
16. DesertUSA Magazine
17. National Geographic Traveler
18. WestWorld Magazine
19. Wanderlust
20. GoNomad
21. Outpost Magazine
22. Metador Network
23. Road and Travel
24. Los Angeles Times Travel
25. Delta Sky Magazine
26. Zing Magazine
27. Oregon Coast magazine
28. Adventure Travel
29. Transitions Abroad Magazine
30. MotorHome Magazine
31. Outpost Magazine
32. Overnight Buses
33. New Mexico Magazine- 40 cents per word
34. AAA Midwest Traveler- pays $400 for 1200 words
35. BootsnAll


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