50 Businesses to Start with Less than N100, 000 Naira ($ 350)

There are many small businesses you can start with less than N100, 000 Naira.  The difference is the size of inventory and shop.
You would have to re-invest your working capital to remain afloat. Other challenges include fewer staff, low cash flow and ability to compete favorably.
Despite the difficulties there are hundreds of business opportunities. Here are some businesses to start with little cash.
 50 Businesses to start with less than N100, 000 Naira
Small Store Business Ideas
There are lots of business you can start with very little money. You can rent a small store in a middle class area for N60, 000 annually.
The remaining N40, 000 could be used to stock your shop. Once you sell your stock you re-invest the capital and save or use the profit.
A small store can’t make you rich but provides daily income for feeding, medicals and utilities. Make sure the store is in a commercial or highly populated residential area.
Small Store Types
1. Used cloths
2. Cobbler
3. Barbing salon
4. Hairdresser
5. Grocery store
6. Tailoring
7. Betting shop
8. Food vending
9. Sell electrical fitting
10. Sell drinks and beverages
Technicians Business Ideas
Technicians looking to cash in on their training have many options. Before going into business you need appropriate training in your field of choice.
The next step is to secure a place and add equipment and working materials. Technicians earn on projects commission by customers. They offer customers services such as repairs, maintenance and sales.
Technical Jobs
11. Tyre vulcanizing
12. Aluminum technician
13. Plumber
14. Mechanic
15. Rewire
16. Refrigerator repairer
17. Bicycle repairer
18. Electricians
19. Welders
20. Tailors
Farming Business Ideas
There are lots of farming ideas to start with little capital. You need small landed space or cages to farm in an urban area. The amount of money needed depends on the size and inventory.
You could start small and gradually build a large venture. Farm produce are always in high demand and profitable. The best way to start a small farm is to buy few stocks.
Small Farm
21. Poultry Meat
22. Eggs production
23. Mushroom farming
24. Snail farming
25. Goat
26. Sheep
27. Pig
28. Catfish farming
29. Vegetable farming
30. Plantain or Banana Farming
Online and Internet
The advent of the internet has opened new ground for investors. You need very little cash to start an online enterprise.
It does not matter your demography or location specific challenges. Starting an online business requires a computer and modem. You can create an office at house and start immediately.
Online Business Opportunities
31. Build a Website
32. Build a Blog
33. Build an eCommerce Store
34. Sell used items
35, Become an affiliate
36. Flip domain names
37. Become a freelance
38. Become a writer
39. Become a social marketer
40. Sell eBooks
Manufacturing and Production
An investor could start a manufacturing or producing business. You need to choose a product, purchase raw material and equipment. There are many locally fabricated low costs machinery. Here is a list of 10 small scale manufacturing businesses.
Production and Manufacturing
41. Garri Processing
42. Fruit Juice Business
43. Ice Cream
44. Soap making
45. Liquid soap and detergent
46. Candle making
47. Palm oil business
48. Bead making
49. Groundnut oil
50. Snacks


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