6 Types of Vocational Training Schools

There are many vocational training programs and course for self development. Such institutions focus on skill acquisition, work place experience and practical knowledge. They offer a wide range of courses based on the industry. Here are some vocational training schools and the courses they offer.
6 Types of Vocational Schools
Internship provides hands on experience for graduate students. The placement provides on the job experience and training. This program is usually a stepping stone to full employment. It helps the individual acquire a place in the industry of choice.
Adult Education
Adult education is the most common known vocational schools. They are basically continuity education for adults. Many of the participants are employed but need better education for promotion or career development.
The education could focus on obtain high education and degrees for participants. Participants in such programs are usually sponsored by their employers or government.
Aesthetic Schools
Aesthetic schools offer students creative vocations and skill.  They have programs in hair styling, cosmetology, interior decoration and designing. The course length depends on the institution and curriculum.
Trade School
The trade schools focus on skill acquisition and trade education. The student learns a trade through practical lessons and class work.
Common skilled trades are carpentry, automobile mechanic, welding and plumbing. Others include electrical fittings, plumbing, construction and aluminum fabrication. The trade schools could offer sewing courses, tyre vulcanizing and generator repairing.
Craft School
Craft schools provide training in different arts and craft disciplines. The curriculum could include bead making, jewelry making, basket weaving. Other crafts are bag making, shoe making and tailoring.
Administrative Schools
Administrative programs are ideal for people looking for office employment. Such programs teach administrative skill to students.
The skills include clerical knowledge, secretarial studies, filing, basic accounting and administrative assistant. Other skills are legal assistant, typing and front desk skills.
List of Vocational Training Schools


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