Graveyard Shift: 10 Best Jobs for Night Owls

Some people are highly functional at night and prefer night shifts. Most night based jobs are high paying and require moderate effort and skills. Although some require a college degree others need specialized training and education.  You could work a night gig alongside your regular job or focus only on night jobs. Here is some grave yard shift jobs perfect for night owls.
10 Best Jobs for Night Owls
1. Become a Casino Dealer
Casino dealers get paid to deal games to gamblers. The job is challenging because you tend to work odd hours especially on weekends. The average dealer’s salary is about $14,000. The tips from lucky winners could be from $25,000 to $50,000.
The person interested in dealing should develop a level of skill to accommodate the different kinds of games. Common games a dealer attends to are baccarat, roulette, blackjack and poker. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistic an experienced dealer earn minimum wage of about $15 per hour.
However tips account for huge part of their earnings. The demand for dealers is seasonal and the worker needs to have lots of interpersonal and communicative skill. As a dealer you need appropriate training and the downside are abusive or angry players.
bar man
2. Bartender
A bartender is known by many names such as alcohol server and alcohol chef. Others include bar chef, barman and barkeeper. The job of a bartender is to mix beverages and serve alcohol.
They are trained to mix exotic cocktails such as Mojito, and Manhattan drinks. The type of bar depends on the location such as hotel, pub or piano bars.
Bar tending is mostly a transitional work and common to university students and young adults. However there are professional bar tenders who develop the craft over years. Bartenders work mostly at night and earn most of their income from tips.
3. Air Traffic Controller
An air traffic controller’s job is a serious business. It involves the lives of air travelers and guiding aircrafts to safety. They are usually highly trained professionals and an integral part of aviation industry.
They work a tight 24 hour shift that is very demanding and challenging. The traffic controller needs to have certain attitude and character. To become one you need detailed training, development and enjoy attractive packages or rewards
4. Health Care Worker
Health care workers are generally nurses and doctors. Ancillary workers, homeopathy and chiropractors are usually associated to health care. In a broad sense most ancillary wok that contributes safety and substantial health care are health care worker.
Most people in this category carry out a 24 hour shift depending on the department and contractual agreement.  Most paramedics, office assistants, doctors and nurses work the graveyard shift. They earn more for night duty that their counterparts who prefer day work.
5. Disc Jockey
A person that mixes pre-existing music to a live audience is a disc jockey. They use a variety of equipment to perform live such as DJ controllers and software. Other hardware includes turntables, DJ mixers, headphones, time code and CDJs.
A DJ typically performs at nightclubs, bars and live shows. Some work as radio DJs, dance clubs and parties. They are known to adapt pseudonyms and work long hours especially at night.
The different types of jobs associated with disc jockeying are radio presenting, backup for artists, live shows and internet radio. There are also resident DJs in clubs, broadcast stations and recording companies.
6. Hotel Receptionist
A Hotel receptionist’s job revolves around a 24 hour shift. Many prefer the graveyard shift because of the added bonuses and quiet periods. The amount of money earned depends on the type of hotel and contractual agreement.
There are lots of reception opportunities in hotels, motels, guest houses and inns. The downside is the exposure to criminal elements especially in crime prone areas.
7. Actor
The job of an actor is to interpret or portray a character through performance. They interpret fictional characters on stage, plays, theater and film.
Actors work at location set and sessions that tend to run for hours. They sometimes need to shot a night scene or create a mood.
There are different acting techniques and methods used to draw on feelings to accurately convey a character. To become an actor you need either formal training in theater arts or film school.
8. Limousine Driver
A limousine driver is engaged at all hours. They work the night shift carrying passengers to social events, parties or social gatherings.  Drivers earn good wages especially when they own the business.
To become a limousine driver you need to pass a basic driving test. You could join a company or establish your own. If you are not averse to waiting long boring hours in parking lots then the job a perfect fit.
9. A Musician
A musician is an instrumentalist that is part of a band. The instrument could be string, blow, vocal or drum.  Musicians are composers, conductors or performers.
The style of composition depends on the group’s interest. Musical skills include orchestration, arranging, composing, singing and performing.
 Musicians work in night clubs, bars, live concert, stage and theater. Most of their gigs are live and at night. To become a musician you could go to music school or develop your raw talent.
10. Security Guard
The security guard works mostly at night and expects long lonely nights of inactivity. There are serious risks to this profession such as armed robbery, burglars and petty thieves.
 They have a lot of free time to read books, watch television or close circuit cameras. Security guards earn about $26,000 – $40,000.
Best Jobs that offer night shift opportunities
  • Disc Jockey
  • Nurse
  • Hotel Desk Clerk
  • Gas Attendants
  • Casino Dealers
  • Bartenders
  • Security guard
  • A musician
  • Limousine driver
  • Health care worker
  • Air traffic controller


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