How to Bag Your Dream Job in a Month

Searching for the right job is challenging and overwhelming. You need lots of patience, planning and strategizing to bag the job.
An effect way is to develop a strategy and work towards a step by step process. This will create a workable template on how to proceed on the search. Focusing on your goals and following a process would guarantee some level of success.
How to Organize your Job Search
There are a few things to include in your job search. You need to write a good resume and develop your employable skill. Other things include networking and creating a target list. The next step is finding the job opening, attending interviews and bagging the job.
Top 6 Healthcare Jobs
1. Write a Resume
There are many resources that teach on how to write a good resume. Make sure you include awards, education and places you worked.
2. Develop a Skill
Employed and unemployed individuals need continuous training and development. Building on your skills and knowledge base would improve your job prospects. Develop the knowledge of your preferred industry through seminars, symposiums and additional training.
3. Build a Network
A critical part of job search is to build a contact list. It is important knowing when job openings open.
Your list should include corporate friends, social sites such as Linkedin and job search boards. Visit job search websites, government employment agencies and use word of mouth. Your network could include friends, family and associates.
4. Create a Target List
You need to create a target list of jobs of interested. If you are interested in financial sector narrow your field to lending houses, banks, stock brokers, registrars or insurance firms.
5. Find a Job Listing
The next step is to find the perfect fit. To find job listing use online job websites and newspaper publications. And don’t forget to use your networks of friends, family and associates.
6. Organize Job Search
Once you have narrowed down the job search you need to organize. Organize the appointments according to your preferred jobs. Make sure the jobs you select are in-line with your education and qualifications.
7. Go for the Interview
Makes sure you are adequately prepared for the interview. Present your case and answer the questions truthfully.  Don’t forget to draft a thank you note and learn how to accept or reject job offers.


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