How to Become a Freelance Writer in Nigeria

One of the best opportunities for unemployed graduates is freelance writing. You could start from your bedroom with zero capital investment.
Freelance writing is done full time or part time. The main criteria is good command of English and excellent writing skills.
Many Nigerians have embraced this new business venture with open arms and earn thousands of dollars monthly. You can’t achieve success overnight however persistence, hard work and focus are the key.
Freelance writing in Nigeria has come a long way with many citizens earning monthly wages from the comfort of their homes.
How to Become a Freelance Writer in Nigeria
Select a Niche
Most top writers are versatile and could write on any topic.  It is better to focus on a niche.
Focusing on a niche brings brand awareness and specialization. Chose a niche of interest based on your education, experience and skill.
There are thousands of areas of specialization such as news, current affairs, business and entertainment. Others are politics, heath, sports, agriculture, history, food and nutrition.
No matter the niche once you specialize you will dominate. Building a brand would attract higher fees for your services.
Quality Content
A brand is only as good as the content. Make sure you write quality content devoid of spelling and grammatical errors. The work should be plagiarism free and should pass a Copyscape test. With practice you can develop a style of writing that resonates with your audience.
Write SEO Topics
As an online writer most posts are used in blogs, websites, reviews or advertisements. Learn how to write search engine optimized articles. Common optimization techniques include quality content, keyword density, alter text and alter image. Other techniques include title, word density and word count.
Build a Blog
Owning a blog is a simply way to showcase your writing skill. Focus the topic on your niche of choice and use rich text, images and infographics.
You are at liberty to use a free or paid host and purchase or use a sub domain. With a blog it is easy to sell your proficiency and writing skill.
Ways to cash in on the blog is to offer visitors the chance to hire YOU as a writer. Another way is to direct prospective clients to your blog posts.
Find Job Boards
There are a few job boards for writers online. All you need to do is signup on such a site and accept the job.
The payment is usually through PayPal, western union or EFT. Some websites allow writers offer their services to visitors. Such sites take a small percent once the client accepts the finished job.
Sell your Articles
Another way writers earn is by selling their articles outright. There are many websites that buy articles and pay from $50 to $200 per article.
The only downside is serious competition from around the world and very few purchases. Some might buy only 15 articles a week and receive thousand of articles.
Guest Posting
The main benefit of guest posting include exposure and traffic to your blog. If you guest post on a popular blog you get huge traffic and referrals. There are paid guest posting and free guest posting.
Writing Reviews
Another way writers earn is by writing reviews. Once your blog start getting huge organic traffic you get companies asking to pay for reviews. Make sure you consider your audience before writing any review for cash.
How to Build Your Brand
To build your brand you need a powerful website or blog. You also need to leverage on social media like FaceBook or Instagram. Building a followership is equivalent to money in the bank. The more followers you have the bigger your audience.
Freelance writing is very challenging and requires lots of dedication to succeed. You should constantly develop your skill and learn from others. You could write for article directories to learn best practices. If your blog generates huge traffic monetize it with advertisements or sell a product.
Good Luck
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