How to Become an Interior Designer

Interior designing involves creative thinking, design and basic business knowledge. The profession is fun, exciting and lucrative.
The industry continues to grow at an unprecedented pace providing jobs for seasoned professionals and new entrants into the business. To become an interior designing you need formal education and natural talent.
What Does Interior Designing Entail
The job description entails lots of furniture selection and space management. Others are proper lighting, decorative materials and selecting interior colors.
All to create a beautiful and functional ambiance that meets the client’s expectation. No two jobs are the same and each requires understanding the clients need.
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Salaries and Earnings
An average interior designer can earn about N2 million annually. Top designers make from N4million to N10 million annually.
Finding high net worth clients is the real challenge. Brand name and awareness provides lots of networking, word of mouth advertising. In America interior designers earn $20 per hour or median of $60,000.
How to Become an Interior Designer
Natural Talent
Although having an education is beneficial many depend on raw talent. To argument the talent you could signup for interior designing workshops and seminars. The individual could learn through online courses, read books, or become an apprentice.
Get Educated
The basic formal education you need is a bachelors degree in interior designing or related field. Designers with qualifications in different field need to take course work in interior designing. They also need to master design and software technology.
Higher Education
Further studies include a masters or doctorate degrees. There are lots of colleges, vocational institutes and universities that offer interior designing.
Operational License
To acquire certification as an interior designer you need to pass the national interior design qualification exam. In some countries all you need to do is join the interior design association as a member.
However the usual protocol for a licensed practitioner is to pass a state or federal exam. Other criteria are 2 years working experience or apprenticeship.
Build a Portfolio
Building a portfolio is an essential part of marketing. The portfolio showcases you past jobs through images and description.
Compile photographic images of interiors you designed. Then offer clients the portfolio for them to easily examine your services.
To gain knowledge and build a portfolio you need to take free assignments. There are many places to practice your craft and gain references and experience.
The best way to get clients is to network with industrial players. Work closely with furniture makers, electrical stores and real estate developers.


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