How to Get a Hair Stylist Job

Hair Stylist Qualification
The hair stylist qualification differs in each country. To practice in America you need a minimum of 1700 hours of job related experience.
There are also state training programs on practical application and theory. Some stylists are required to get associate degrees and diplomas.
In some countries you have vocational training institutions and workshops. Others prefer certified institutions to develop the skill.
However the main method used in many countries is through apprenticeship. The person studies as an apprentice for 1-2 years.
Skills need to become a Hair Stylist
A hair stylist is required to have certain creative skills. The skill includes hand, eye coordination and dexterity. Another involves knowledge of different hair styles and creativity.
They should understand different hair requirements, condition, cutting, attachment and weaving. The person should have good interpersonal skills, time management and business acumen.
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Services Offered by Hair Stylist
The hair stylist offers a huge range of services. The services are oil treatment, waxing, adding artificial extensions and blow drying.
Others include blowout, Brazilian wax, coloring, curling and cuticle treatment. More services are adding eye extensions, facials, head highlights and gel nail treatment.
Write a Resume
To get a job you need to first write a resume. Make sure the resume covers your education and job experience.
An employer would test your styling skills before offering you the job. There are many places to find resume examples to fast track your application process. Once done with the resume add a cover letter.
Where to Find Hair Stylist Job
Many stylists respond to job advertisement placed on the shops window. They simply walk into the shop and offer their application in person.
In advanced countries a good way is to present a portfolio of your work. The portfolio highlights your ability and jobs done.
Make sure the photographs are of the clients head without showing the face. Another way is to pay models to showcase your work.
Word of Mouth
A good stylist is actively engaged by hair salons.  Customers happy with your services would recommend friends to your establishment.
Same applies to hair salons seeking top stylists. Most salons within demography actively compete against each other. 
They have a wide network that you can use to your advantage. You need to network with salons, beauty schools and vocational institutions.
Use Job Search Boards
A good place to find jobs is online. Use job search boards to actively seek appointments. There re lots of niche job search websites specially focused on hair stylists.
Read Newspapers
There are lots of advertisements in popular newspapers. You can find one that fits your desire and job expectations. Once you find a job you like apply in person and present your credentials.
Interview for hair stylists are usually informal. They could put you to work to observe your proficiency and skill.
If they are happy with your skill you could get appointed instantly. Some check your references, work experience and last place of work.
They could reach out to former employers to find out about your character. Some salons have a long list of questions designed to find out more about the applicant. Don’t forget to send a thank you note after the interview.
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