How to Open a Mini Cyber Café in Nigeria

The internet is not just for entertainment but a learning tool. Billions of people are logging in daily. Cyber café business is moderately lucrative and challenging.
To succeed you need to find a location with few or no cyber cafes. Purchase used or new computers, 4G modem, consoles and a printer. Other things to consider are funding, client base and web hosts.
Write a Business Plan
Write a business plan and conduct a feasibility study. The study should focus on best location and competition. Other parameters in the study should include funding, registration and inventory.
The business plan should have a summary, goals and future projection. Carefully choose the web hosting company that supplies the internet connectivity.
Register the Business
Register the business as a sole proprietor and secure a business name. Get employee insurance and put in place fire safety measures. Get general liability insurance and compensation insurance. File a tax employer identification number and pay shop levies and taxes.
Lease a shop
Lease a shop in a busy area with lots of vehicular and human traffic. Place a sign board in-front of the shop to advertise the services. Good locations are around residential homes, schools and commercial hubs. Advertise through traditional print medium and radio. Print flyers, posters, billboards and business cards.
There are some equipment’s needed to successfully run a cyber café. Common equipment’s are desktop computer and CPU. More include printers, POS device and small television set.
The interior should have proper cubicles for browsers privacy. Purchase chairs, tables, bar code reader and add shelves. The shop needs keyboards, mouse and mouse pads.
  • desktop computer
  • CPU
  • Printers
  • POS
  • small television set
  • cubicles
  • chairs
  • tables
  • bar code reader
  • keyboards
  • mouse and mouse pads
To succeed invest in high speed connectivity and bandwidth. Install a 4 G device to access the local sever in your area. The front desk transmits the signals through the network to other computers. Another way is to use WIFI with an encrypted password to connect to the internet.
The number of computers in the café would determine the network. To accommodate growth and expansion create extra hubs for new computer systems.
A mini cyber café could commence operation with 5 desktop computers and CPVs. The networking should have a computer as the administrator and local server.
All other equipment are connected to the local server and administrator computer. The administrator computer is where the staff generates browser tokens and send signal to the remaining 4 computers.
Cyber Café Services
There are many services offered at a café. The owner could offer secretarial services, book binding, photocopy or printing. Increase earnings by selling products such as soft drinks and snacks. To keep the customers create a beautiful workstation.
  • Internet browsing
  • secretarial services
  • book binding
  • photocopy
  • printing
  • selling products such as soft drinks and snacks.
Determine Price
Web hosting services are determined by many factors. The price depends on the cost of rent, web connection and access to utilities. Operators charge browsers based on duration of 30 minutes, 60 minute and 120 minutes.


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