How to Register your Business with Corporate Affairs Commission Nigeria

The Corporate Affairs Commission is the regulatory body authorized to incorporate businesses in Nigeria. Directors of a company are at liberty to register a limited liability company.
They don’t need the services of a chattered accountant, chattered secretary or legal practitioner. You can register online with the CAC and even request status report on registered company.
Corporate Affairs Commission Nigeria Websites
To register online you need to visit their website. The commission has provided alternate websites for registration and information. The websites are,, and
Corporate Affairs Commission Services
There are many services offered by the CAC. The procedure includes registration of private or public company.
They offer limited by guarantee, business name. Others include incorporated trustee, conversion and re-registration of private company as public. More are re-registration of unlimited company as a limited by shares and change of name.
They register mortgages, debentures and charges including increase in share capital. You get added services such as CTC of certificate, company search, certified true copies and other statutory services.
Procedure of Registration
  • registration of private or public company
  • limited by guarantee
  • business name
  • incorporated trustee
  • conversion and re-registration of private company as public
  • re-registration of unlimited company as a limited by shares
  • post-incorporation service
  • check for name availability
  • reserve business name
  • change of name
  • get E-stamp duty
  • mortgages
  • debentures
  • charges
  • increase in share capital
  • certificate of true copies
  • company search
  • other statutory services
How to Register on CAC
To register on CAC you need to go to their company registration portal. The portal has a free user guide to download. The website also has a name availability search tool. You need to create an account to login.
The first step to registration is public search for a business name. The second step is reserve a name and submission of your preferred business name.
The third step is pre-incorporation. The pre-incorporation is to register a company with your name. Finally there is the post-incorporation stage to file changes to your existing business. The registration portal also has accredited agents, create account and contact info.
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