How to Start a Cell Phone Kiosk Business

The cell phone business accounts for trillion of dollar in sales worldwide. The industry is large and competition fierce. Starting a cell phone kiosk business is lucrative and moderately challenging. 
Some entrepreneurs prefer opening a kiosk instead of renting a large store. This is because they want to save costs on rent and leverage on the practicality of such an arrangement.
Kiosks are easily to build and construct in heavily trafficked areas. Other advantages are easy access to customers and good visibility.
How to Start a Cell Phone Kiosk Business
Register the business with the corporate affairs commission or such regulatory bodies in your country. Then apply for employer identification number through your Inland Revenue service. 
You need a retail sales license from the department of revenue. This provision is not applicable in some African countries. If you are leasing a space read the agreement carefully to avoid any contractual problems.
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A cell phone retail business needs basic equipment. Common equipment’s are cash register, business sign and computer retail software. Others include the kiosk, display equipment, table, chair and complementary card.
  • cash register
  • business sign
  • computer retail software
  • kiosk
  • display equipment, table
  • chair
How to Market Your Cell Phone Business
To market your cell phone business use traditional advertisement. This will reduce costs and attract potential customers. Print flyers, posters and banner. Put up a sign board at the kiosk to attract patronage.
  • Print flyers
  • Posters
  • Banner
  • sign board
  • business cards
Build a Website
You could sell some of your phones online by building a website. List the site on yellow pages, directories and classified websites.
The website should have images of product, description and price. State the shipping method and add a shopping cart.
You could target the site to demography or sell to the world. To build the site you need a host plan and domain name. Make sure the eCommerce site is attractive and easy to navigate.
Print a Business Signboard
It is important to print a signboard to inform pedestrians of your business. The sign should have your business name and type of products you sell. Luckily GSM brands and phone companies provide free advertisement banners for their product. Use them to decorate the kiosk.
How to Setup your kiosk
To set up your kiosk you need to find the ideal spot. Many kiosk owners locate vacant plots to erect the kiosks.
Best locations are pedestrian crossing, commercial areas and areas with heavy human traffic. Areas with large population are ideal and add tables, chairs, POS terminals and other essential equipment.
There are two ways to get a kiosk. The first way is to lease an empty kiosk or construct your own. Make sure the kiosk is well secured to prevent theft of your merchandize.
How to Choose the Best Location
There are a few things to consider before choosing the right spot. Cell phone business is highly competitive and finding a location with very few vendors is difficult. You need a heavily trafficked area with lots of vehicular and human movement.
Connect with Phone Wholesalers
Phones are not cheap so stocking huge number of phones requires serious financial involvement. A cell phone retailer might decide to sell both used and new phones.
Try to network with other retailers that stock high-end phones to offer your customers a variety. To increase profit, add phone accessories such as phone cases, batteries and chargers.


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