How to Start a Cleaning Business

The cleaning business is a low cost and labor intensive. You can start with basic tools and increase inventory as the business grows. The size of the enterprise depends on your business template.
An investor could consider partnership, franchising or sole proprietorship. You need cleaning equipment, chemicals, a vehicle and administrative office. To succeed offer quality service at moderate rates
Choose a Niche
There are two main types of cleaning the commercial cleaner and residential cleaner. Residential cleaning requires less staff than commercial properties.
The type of equipment and service depends on your niche. Cleaning is broad based and you need to streamline your services.
Common niche areas are hospital cleaners, hotels and private residents. Others are office complex, companies and commercial property. You have cleaners who specialize in government offices and schools.
  • hospital cleaners
  • hotels
  • private residents
  • office complex
  • companies
  • commercial property
  • government offices
  • schools
house cleaning
Cleaning Services
A cleaning service owner should be honest, patient and hard working. Commercial and residential cleaners offer different service.
The opportunities are many depending on the range you offer. Popular services are janitorial, window cleaning and carpet cleaning. Others are polishing, waste disposal and maid services.
  • window cleaning
  • Janitorial services
  • carpet cleaning
  • polishing
  • maid services
License and Regulations
Register the cleaning business as a sole proprietorship or limited liability company. It is better to register it as a LLC and get liability insurance.
This will cover litigations in the likelihood of theft or damage to property.  The liability insurance handles property damage while the incorporation limits liability to the cleaning company.
Make sure you check your staff to avoid those with criminal records. You could also invest in a brand name, logo and advertising.
There is a high probability that you would handle harmful cleaning agents. So government has put in place health and safety regulations guiding the business.
Payment System
Cleaning service is cash based once the job is executed. You could collect advance payments, EFT or POS payment. 
Most clears struggle to get steady steam of customers. This is because the job is seasonal and there is lots of competition. To avoid short falls put in place a proper accounting system to monitor your cash flow.
The business is highly competitive and you need proper advertisement. Use newspaper advertisement, television and radio.
Other method involves traditional printing of banners, posters, business cards and sign boards. Develop a powerful brand name and logo to differentiate your business.
Make sure your staffs are appropriately dressed with your logo on their work cloths. And work within a budget on your marketing plan.
Build a Website
Build a website and add high definition images. Focus on demography, niche and highlight your services.
Add an about us page, contact information and dedicated phone number. Drive traffic through Adwords and Facebook advertisement. Use classified websites, directories and yellow pages.
Purchase Equipment
Cleaning equipment’s are not cheap and durable. Common ones are vacuum cleaners, trolleys, buckets mops and brushes.
More are sweeping machine, brooms, towels and napkins. You need cleaning chemicals, polish and sprays. You might have to invest in a used van to carry the equipment and staff.
  • vacuum cleaner
  • trolleys
  • buckets
  • mops
  • brushes
  • sweeping machine
  • brooms
  • towels and napkins
  • cleaning chemicals
  • polish and sprays
Join a Franchise
There are lots of cleaning companies that offer franchise deals. They provide the technical support and brand name to new investors. If you don’t want to start the cleaning business from scratch you could leverage on the experience of a franchise partner.


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