How to Start a Gardening Business

The best weather conditions for a garden are adequate sunlight, good soil and water. Gardening is a leisure pastime that could become a viable business venture.
High net worth individuals and middle class workers desire beautiful gardens and are unable to tend them. The logical thing is to hire a gardener to do the job.
Gardeners earn by providing a service, purchasing plants and selling to residential homes. The job is labor intensive and requires lots of man hours. Startup is low and you could start the enterprise with little money.
Different Gardens
There are different garden types based on the fauna. The major categories are herbal gardens, vegetable gardens and flowering gardens. An ideal garden should have different types of vegetation.
A Gardeners Services
The gardener has lots of services to offer clients. You could offer your clients a niche garden, maintenance services and sell plants. Other services include landscaping and weeding.
Learn the Trade
Gardening involves basic knowledge of plants and soil composition. You need to develop your knowledge through apprentice programs and gardening workshops. Others are through books, eBooks, online courses and tutorials.
Grow Plants
You need to select a parcel of land or greenhouse and grow lots of plants. The pottering plants are later sold or used in your gardening projects. You could open a flower shop to argument your income and service public and private individuals.


Visually showcasing your plants is a good advertising technique. You could make signboard, posters, banners and business cards. Use social media like Facebook to showcase your talent.
Graders use lots of basic equipment. Common equipment’s are hand gloves, rakes, flowering pots and gloves. Others are knee pads, boots, sac bags, shovels and wheelbarrows.
They use wire fences, casted pots and plastic pots. You need a business name and insurance. Register the business as a sole proprietorship and you need a tax identification number.
  • flower pots
  • straw hat
  • boots
  • rakes
  • gloves
  • shovels
  • wheel barrows
  • Kneepads
  • sacs
  • hand gardening tools
Garden Business Customers
You customers include financial institutions and government offices. Others are residential houses, schools and estate developers.
  •  residential homes
  • Financial institutions
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • mosques
  • estate developers
The price depends on your services and scope of work. Things that influence prices are type of plant, size of flower pot and amount of fertilizer. Set your prices according to labor, type of plant and plot size.


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