How to Start a Profitable Newspaper

Newspapers are published to deliver factual news and entertainment. They could be printed and distributed daily, weekly or monthly. The content is written by reporters to disseminate current affairs and issues in the society.
The serial publication is produced on inexpensive newsprint paper or low quality bond paper. To start a newspaper business you need serious funds and journalistic experience. The business is very profitable, tough and challenging. Here are a few ideas on how to start a profitable newspaper
How to Start a Profitable Newspaper
Why Start a Newspaper
Newspapers are very profitable business ventures. The publication can generate its own income and you provide a public service. You can use the publication to promote causes, build business relationships and build credibility.
Things to Consider
There are a few things to consider before starting your paper. You need to focus on a niche, name for the publication and size of print.
The next step is to determine the quantity you want to produce and distribution channels. You need to source funds, determine advertisement price and number of staff to engage.
And the type of equipment should be given serious consideration. To sustain the publication you need to find advertisers, use graphic artists and distributors.
The Newspaper Niche
The niche could be focused on a demography or topic. You could feature recurrent issues and aim at a select audience. Choose a niche with depth or try general news publications.
Determine the Distribution
You need to determine the size of your publication. The distribution size could rage from thousands of publications to millions. The size is also dependant on the population size, geographical location, national or local publication.
Your workforce
The size of the publication would determine your workforce. The paper needs journalists, editorial staff, management staff and printing machine operators.
Others include delivery staff, drivers, and front desk staff. Staffs include chief executive officer, editors, reporters, copy editors, proofreaders, graphic artists.
Types of Newspaper Publications
There are basically three types of newspapers based on the publication. We have the daily news and weekly newspapers.
Most are general topic news publications while some focus on specific niche. We have sports publications, health, politics, entertainment and local news.
Daily newspapers are large publications that offer specialized sections and sold daily. They cover general topics, international and national news.
Weekly newspapers are published once a weekly and offer similar content with daily publications. Local or regional newspapers are focused on a region and are smaller than weekly or daily newspapers.
Top daily papers are the Guardian, the Punch, the Observer and Times. The distribution process for all is usually through zoning.
Newspaper Content
The daily newspaper predominantly features current affairs. The publication could include politics, business, entertainment, sports and editorials. They also feature public opinion, health, fashion and cartoon.
More publication in newspapers is columns, reviews, editorial cartoons and weather forecast. Others are birth notices, obituaries and job search publications.
Large newspaper publications are usually public listed companies. They offer shares to public to be part owners of the business. Smaller publications could fund through partnership, angel investors, core investors or private equity.
Source of Income
There are two ways newspapers generate income. They make money through newspaper sales and advertisements.
The advertisement are either classified ads or display ads. Some generate income through subscriptions and classified advertisement. Online newspapers use direct advertising or third party adverts.
Common advertisement sizes are full page, half page, 85mm x 85mm, 50mm x 50mm and 85mm x 55mm. The advertisement are printed in black/white or colored. The prices charged advertiser range from $40(N14, 400) to $1000(N360, 000)
Design the Paper
It is very import your newspaper has a beautiful layout. Place the name of the publication at the top and include contact info, address and phone number.
Include issue number, volume number, advertisement slots, content pages and headings. Use the same front size throughout the publication. Work on the alignment and fill spaces with pictures and infographics.
Newspaper Format
Newspapers are printed in various sizes. Common sizes are tabloids 380mm x 300mm, broadsheet 600mm x 380mm or midi. The quality could rage from letterpress, offset printing or full color printing.
Editorial Process
The newspapers are printed on low quality newsprint paper. The type of machine could range from large automatic to semi automatic machines.
The entire process starts with the journalist submitting a report. The report is typed on a computer the edited and goes to the news desk.
The news edition makes final changes and submits to copydesk. A mockup or dummy is made with provisions for stories and advertisement. Once the placement is approved it goes to the composing room.
The manufacturing process starts with the typesetting and then the page layout. The next process is the image transference, plate making then printing. Common equipment used in the process are computer, stripper, light box, film, printing press, plate cylinders and folders.
Newspaper Production Process
  • News gathering
  • Pre-press
  • Press
  • Lithographic stage
  • impression
  • Post press
How to get Advertiser
Advertisers are the life’s blood of the newspaper business. You need lots of them to keep your publication on the newsstands.
You need to develop a price sheet for the various sizes of advertisement on offer. You can find advertiser by opening a dedicated desk or sales outlets. Other ways include referrals, contact information on the publication and direct contact with business owners.


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