How to Start a Staffing Agency Business in Nigeria

A staffing agency is a profitable business that requires proper planning. The business requires lost of logistics, employee placement and networking. They need to have a pool of educated professional looking for paid employment. Here is a step by step guide on how to start a staffing agency.
Staffing Agency Niche Sectors
There are hundreds of niche areas to concentrate your search. You could decide to cater to professionals in any industry. The good part is that you are providing a valuable service to both unemployed individuals and companies.
Common sectors include teaching, financial sector, security, healthcare professional and janitorial sector. Others include mechanical engineering, structural professionals, accounting and secretarial services.
  • Teaching
  • financial sector
  • security
  • healthcare
  • janitorial sector
  • mechanical engineering
  • structural engineers
  • accounting
  • secretarial services
Things to Consider Before Starting a Staffing Agency
There are a few things to consider before starting a staffing agency. The sector is a billion dollar industry and you could make huge earning.
The success of the enterprise depends on your ability to provide proper placement to the unemployed. You need a dedicated office, company registration, watertight contracts and proper data management.
  • Low Startup Capital
  • Company Registration
  • Write a Contract
  • Proper Data Management
  • Networking
  • Advetising
Who Can Start a Staffing Business?
You don’t need any particular skill except proper management and networking skill. The business requires serious investment in networking and time management. You need good interpersonal skill, few workers and dedicated office.
To gain experience you could join a staffing industry to study their business structure. Other ways are through seminars, books, online resources or tutorials.
The Staffing Agency Job Description
The job description involves scheduling appointments, interviews and handling correspondence. Others include finding qualified individuals looking for jobs.
The agency is predominantly the middleman between the unemployed professional and company. Apart from proper data management, you need to check the qualifications and referrals of candidate. The reputation of your agency is very important and misrepresentation could cost your business dearly.
How to Start a Staffing Agency
To start a staffing agency there are a few legalities. You need the services of a lawyer to draft an employee agreement contract.
The contract specifies terms of service such as percent payable for each successful placement. Within the contract include sign up fees and other legalities.
The employment agency should be registered as a limited liability company. Other requirements are tax identification number and Liability insurance.  Make sure the sector you operate reflects in your choice of business name.
The amount of money you need develops on the scope of your operation. You need an office, equipment s and serious networking with companies. Make sure you have a good financial plan, profit, loss account and goals.
Things to consider while sourcing for funds are cost of rent, office equipment, staffing, utilities and phone bills. Factor the fixed and working capital to establish actual startup costs. The good news is the low startup cost and overhead.
Apart from office equipment like chairs, table you need a way to collate inventory. Purchase a computer, printer, fax machine and dedicated phone.
You need good software for your data base of professionals. Don’t forget office supplies, mode of transportation and branding.
Charges and Branding
The industry you operate should be reflected in your logo or business name. You could focus on a niche sector or provide broad based services.
Your agency could charge from 10%-20% based on the total annual salary of the individual. The receivership period depends on your contractual agreement with the professional.
Some agencies might ask for a registration and placement fee. To stay competitive you need to find out what is obtainable in your locality.
To run a successful staffing agency you need lots of unemployed professionals and companies. Your core business is to match the unemployed individuals to companies. Possible clients are manufacturing companies, shipping companies, wholesale/retail, and State/Government offices.
To enlist unemployed professionals you need proper advertisement. The advertisement campaign should target both unemployed and companies.
Network through word of mouth, social media or attend business conferences. Use print media such as flyers, posters, banners and stickers.
Advertise on the radio, television and online. Make sure your company is listed in yellow pages or directories. Another effective measure is through newspaper publications.


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