How to turn $200 into $1 Million in 90 Days Online

Here is a true story to inspire people to the potential of online business. In comes a young broke student who sold pest control door-to-door to earn extra income. The money he made was used to augment his pocket money and education.
Eventually the thirteen year old grew into a full adult and continued his entrepreneurship spirit. He opened a solar panel installation company that rapidly developed across three states. He was moderately successful however fast approaching mid thirties. Trevor Chapman then decided to make a foray into online commerce.
He spent $200 launching a site an online store offering a varied assortment of items. The quirky items where sourced from China and sold to customers worldwide.
Within three months working two hours a week on his site had generated $1 million dollars in sales. He did not have to put 12 hours daily prior on his solar installation business.  Chapman had just experienced the power of eCommerce.
trevor chapman
Trevor Chapman
Here is how He Did It
He had to figure out a way to earn passive income online. There are two ways people earn passive income either through an eCommerce site or a blog.
He chooses eCommerce because marketing and sales are close to his constituency and experience. Global retail business in recent times saw a 25% percent growth attaining $3 trillion in 2016. Chapman spent only a few hours a day building the site.
Domain Name
The first step was to buy a domain name. He bought one for $2.99 a year with a host provider. Domain names are web address where visitors visit.
There are different domain extensions but premium domains are .com. So to follow his foot steps buy a .com domain name. If you have a niche-then include a keyword in the domain name.
Purchase a Host Plan
The next step he took was to purchase a host plan. Since his focus was on eCommerce your best bet is to open a Shopify account.
The reason Shopify is ideal is they provide everything you need to setup an online store. You don’t need any technical training to establish the store.
You can setup a Shopify account and store free for 14 days. However their payment plans include basic Shopify $29 a month, shopify $79 and advanced Shopify $299.
The basic is for starting a new business, the middle package growing the business and advance to scale up the business. The basic features unlimited number of products, unlimited files storage 24/7 support. Other features are manual order creation, discount codes, free SSL certificate and a transaction fee of 2%.
Choose the Right Product
What would make or break your eCommerce store is the product. You need to choose the right product to succeed. You need to sell compelling items to drive traffic to your store.
The product should be intriguing and interesting to attract attention. Chapman started by selling Mormon art which did not do well and switch to products like handout bags, mini wifi surveillance DVR and portable projectors.
Where to Find the Products
The best place to source your products is China. You get a huge choice of items at relatively low price.
Chapman’s strategy was to buy low and sell high. He searched found and purchased products for $4.99 and resold for $59.99. To avoid stocking inventory he used dropshipping arrangements with his Chinese contact.
Drop shipment offers the eCommerce site a simple solution to shipping and inventory management. To avoid risk of cost and inventory he setup arrangement with suppliers. This was facilitated through WeChat.
The eCommerce site contacts the supplier and provides the address of buyer. The cost of supply is low due to a program initiated by the US government to aid eCommerce solutions. The program is called ePacket and works with lightweight shipment under $400.
the top places to find products are and
Driving Traffic to the Site
Without high engaging traffic the eCommerce store will fail. Chapman used a simple solution known to the big online stores advertisement.
He leveraged on the power of social media and advertised on Facebook. He spent a whooping $100 a day on Facebook advertising. He started making money from day 2 and two weeks later had his first $10,000 day.
He used part of the earnings to hire consumer customer service work team in the Philippines. He paid each team member $700 a month.  He then increased Facebook budget focusing on adverts that attracted the best engagement.
Although he had a few problems on quality control by 92 days the site had generated $1 million dollars. The site presently makes about $350,000 a month in sales.
The business is now on track to make its first 10 million dollars, amazing feat for a simple eCommerce site that started with $200.
How to turn $200 into $1 million in 90 Days Online


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