Retail Sales Designations and Salary Scale in America

A retail person works predominantly in a retail store. Their primary function is to assist shoppers locate merchandize. They also create order, restock inventory and answer shopper’s questions.
In the United States of America women retail sales associates outnumber the men. Many retailers enjoy job satisfaction and enjoy cash allowances and bonuses of 5k+. There is also the possibility of profit sharing bringing median earnings to $18k.
Factors That Affect Compensation
There are different factors that affect how monetary compensation is disbursed.  Common determinants are demographic location, experience level and company. A third enjoys medical coverage and some other benefits.
How to Become a Retail Sales Associate
The retail market attracts diverse range of skills and designation. They include customer service relations, cash handling and customer relationship.
Others are account sales management, sales manager and management skills. Salespersons experience higher tips, bonuses and overall pay based on number of years of experience in retail.
sales person
  • customer service relations
  • cash handling
  • customer relationship
  • account sales management
  • sales manager
  • management skills
Popular Retail Companies in America
There are lots of huge retail company’s in America. Leading firms are Macy’s Inc, Wal-Mart, Kohl’s Departmental Store and JCPenney. More top contenders are Lowe’s Home Improvement Inc, T-Mobile and Nordstrom, Inc
Retail Sales Association Annual Salary
The annual take home of salespersons is influenced by the city they work and type of job. Other determinants are experience, skill and employer.
The hourly rate for retail salespersons is from $8 – $14 they also earn money from tips in the aggregate sum of $0-$3. This equates to an overall hourly earnings of $8-$24.
Some get bonuses start from $90-$5000, commission of $0-$25,000. Others enjoy profit sharing of $66-$3000. Therefore the total annual earnings for retail associate sales persons is from $18,000-$35,000
  • Hourly rate $8-$14
  • Hourly tips $0-$3
  • Overall$ 8-$25
  • Bonuses $90-$5,000
  • Commission $0-$25,000
  • Profit sharing $60-$3,000
  • Total earning $18,000-$35,000
Career Path for Retail Sales Associate
The retail sales associate has lots of career paths to consider. The career paths are retail sales manager, retail store manager or customer representative. They also have a choice of administrative assistant and retail assistant manager.
On the management level they could aspire to general sales manager, store manager, senior customer rep. other designations include executive assistant, senior customer representative and executive assistant
  • retail sales manager
  • retail store manager
  • customer representative
  • administrative assistant
  • retail assistant manager
Management level
  • general sales manager
  • store manager
  • senior customer rep
  • executive assistant
  • senior customer representative
  • executive assistant
Cons of Retail Sales Job
The sales person might experience boredom and poor remunerations. Others are no benefits, very physically demanding job and no specific job description. They work horrible hours, attend to rude customers and exhaustion.


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